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Greg, While you recognise some of the failings of the Religious Right, I don't think you go far enough or deep enough. The problem with American Evangelicalism isn't that it is out of touch with the shifting demographics of contemporary American culture. It is rather that it is itself a cultural construct centered more on the American Dream than the Gospel of Christ, lightly sprinkled with cherry-picked scriptures and a peculiarly inconsistent set of moral values. The redefining of Mormonism as 'not a cult' in order to justify endorsing a Republican candidate was the final straw and showed how malleable Evangelical belief really is when it comes to the more important business of politics. One could say that American Evangelicalism has many of the characteristics of a cult itself with so much of its grip based on fear. I am glad to hear that 20% of Evangelicals in the US didn't vote for Romney and I look forward to seeing that percentage grow. Not all Christians were crying from the depths on November 6th - some of us were thanking God for another four years!
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Nov 19, 2012