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ok first of all, custom research paper, learn some more english before you submit a post on this site... second, how exactly is apple implying that owning music isn't important? so you're paying them a yearly fee to sync your music for you, big woop. If anything they're actually creating incentive to buy music because they're charging you for non-itunes cloud syncing. and third, giving music away for free is not a band's idea to devalue their music. This model has become common because bands are finally responding to their general consumer base. buying music has unfortunately become much more sparse than it has been, and bands have attempted to cater towards this fact by giving away a few songs to gain popularity. Streaming music was yet another innovative idea that was a response to consumer demand....Saying that this progression of the industry is "bad" is just plain ignorant and is the exact mindset of failing businessmen.
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- Use your facebook band page for more than just telling your fans what shows you're playing. Get them more involved with your band socially so they become "more" than just fans. - Make a "band card" that you can hand out to new people you meet at parties or events or whatnot. it's hard for people to check out your band when they can't remember the name of it.
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May 31, 2011