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I'm very interested by your last paragraph, where you note that newspapers have been very slow to hire visionaries, and instead opt for re-treads. What's interesting is that I think this statement can also be applied to mainstream news websites. Instead of hiring bloggers or new media savvy types, websites seem to be bringing on board print cast-offs who are simply doing what they did in newspapers, except online. I used to work in sports communications and found it interesting that the most popular internet sportswriters (Bill Simmons, the Yahoo! Sports crew) didn't have a traditional print background. Instead, they cut their teeth online and had an awareness of how to better harness the power of the genre. Yet, the majority of sportswriters hired by the internet sports arm of media companies were print cast-offs. Once writing online, these authors did exactly what they'd always done, except now they were posting their work instead of filing it. Amazing how an industry that continues to hemorrhage money is so scared to try new things.
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2010 on Visionaries in Action at Recovering Journalist
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Jan 25, 2010