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Mauri Pelto's piece here is worth reading
Lovely whites floes near Cornwallis Island - multi-year ice pushed down from the North of the archipelago?
Fractures opening west of Ellef Ringnes Island I guess by the strong Southerly winds recorded at Isachsen: Alert has simialr winds:
Toggle Commented Jul 13, 2010 on What's happening here? at Arctic Sea Ice
My guess had been the strong southernly winds of previous days probably pushed that large chunk of sea ice off the shore at Alert, maybe with their warmth assisting by producing some surface melt at the shoreline. Maybe their local effect is sufficient to reverse the ice flow in Nares Strait?
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2010 on What's happening here? at Arctic Sea Ice
A large chunk of ice maybe 40x20km? has detached from the shore off Alert (west of the top of Nares Strait):
Southerly winds brought a little bit of summer to Alert yesterday reaching a balmy 19C (now 5) maybe helping the large piece of sea ice that broke off in Archer Fiord and will now drift down Nares Strait:
The Viscount Melville Sound ice bridge has fractured through:
Currently 32C in the arctic port of Pevek: which should prouce a little surface melt in the East Siberian Sea DMI's SST anomaly plot for the Arctic is showing a lot of area at 5+C Anyone know the merits or otherwise of their plots, what the baseline is, and any comparison to recent years.
The port of Tiksi apparently recorded a max of 27 today - as Uni Cologne suggested - should be some surface melt around the New Siberian islands.
More fractures opening up in the Melville Sound ice: Looks like it may breakup in the next few days
Most of the sea ice in front of the Petermann Glacier has recently broken up:
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Jun 30, 2010