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Kent You are correct - it is very easy to embed figures in vignettes, with or without markdown. I should probably have mentioned this in my original post. Thanks for the comment. Andrie
Lucas If you don't want your client to see your source code, then you should distribute the binaries of your package, and not the source code. But even then you should know that it is fairly simple to decompile the binaries into source code. To protect you IP, you need to put in place license agreements with your client, and not rely on trying to obscure the source code. Andrie
I will blog about this next week, but you can change the plot size by using the following code: options(repr.plot.width=4, repr.plot.height=3)
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2015 on Using R with Jupyter Notebooks at Revolutions
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Mar 15, 2013