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I'm curious if you've looked at the upcoming View Adapter for vCenter Operations...something I'm pretty excited about for aiding troubleshooting.
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A bit of a different question.....if you want to dedicated (2) vmkernels to iSCSI traffic and a separate vmkernel to NFS traffic, is it possible to keep iSCSI from using all 3 vmkernels and just use 2? It seems like it should be (possibly via non-routable IP subnets on top of the same VLAN) but I keep seeing more paths than should be there.
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This is a question I get from customers periodically (I'm a VAR engineer). Basically it's more just a "heads up" message....consider it confirmation that dedup is doing what you want it to. What I generally recommend to customers is that as you start to get higher and higher dedup ratios leave more free space in the datastore -- you're saving so much space there's no need to skimp. Generally speaking on larger NFS datastores (500 GB and above) I recommend leaving at least 20% free if not maybe 25% as you start to see better dedup and/or thin provisioning savings.
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Ditto on the administrator comment - to be more precise, make sure you "run as administrator" when launching the .msi file.
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What is your general answer for people concerned about PCoIP support?
Speaking as someone who's company is a VMware/EMC partner but not Cisco (or more generally, for anyone is a partner for one or two of three), how exactly will things work? (at least at a general level)
For this sections... "These tools do something in common - before the array snap, optionally they invoke the ESX snap to ensure that the VM can be restarted - otherwise its a "crash consistent" replica. "Crash consistent" just means it's in a "non clean shudown state". Not terrible, but not great. I know this is an optional setting in RM, and believe that to be the case with SMVI, though am not sure (any NetApp folks want to confirm?)." You're correct -- tis an option in SMVI.
For the NetApp interconnect, twould be Infiniband (I wasn't sure if this is confidential info but a quick Google on "netapp infiniband" turns it up nicely).