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Andrzej Lipski
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Very interesting. I like the concept. I've always looked at eliminating GMs but going the other direction never even crossed my mind. Abstracting the concepts this system would be similar to democracy where majority rules while a single GM would represent centralized planning or totalitarianism. The problem is that both systems can end up being abused. What if several players end up colluding with each other to establish a power block and use all their votes and vetos to move the game in a direction that favors them? Maybe a hybrid system where there is one central GM but the players collectively have GM powers when combined = GM power. GM can add to the game but players can't prevent it. Player GMs can add to the game collectively as long as there is no vocal outcry which then puts it to an official vote but can be refused by the GM. When I have more time I'll add my 2 party system, a Judicial body and Campaign elections. ;-P
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Mar 23, 2011