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this is to caril's friend: before i start out, i want to say i was a teenager. i am embarrassed to say i did 18 months at nccw. caril lived caty corner from me, in the last room on the left of the trustee bldg. i was paroled to the dorm at the univ. of ne. at lincoln just a few weeks before she was. she may not remember, but will you tell her thank you for lending me her old 50's/60's tv (it was cream colored) towards the end while we were both there? tell her also i am still writing ms. "h"; she was hired on as a social worker when i was 1st admitted in late '74. of coarse i'm still apologizing to her! ha! i tried to apologize to warden crawford, but she moved on. my name was suzan broughton; i was somewhat quiet, she may or may not remember.