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I have now read all the comments on all the aforementioned blogs. The concept of a new trade association is a good one, as it would breathe life into our industry. Now I am not saying the IoR is the one, but equally I am not saying it isn't. My problem with this whole conversation is that it has become focused on the misinformation, hype and various slanging matches, driven by some very bad advice and blog commenting activity from whichever PR firm Sally, SC, Brad and Alan (obviously all the same person) work for. If the IoR had simply put a pre-launch statement (not too long before launch), opened their LinkedIn group (as they did) and provided regular updates,then most people would have accepted that. But to hide behind moderation, not answer reasonable questions from genuinely interested parties, and employ a misguided and highly unprofessional PR firm (if indeed they are a real PR firm) has really shot them in the foot before they started. I couldn't give a stuff whether they have a good or bad offering - until we actually see what it is. My first impressions are now tainted with negativity and scepticism........which is surely not the best way to start engaging with prospective members is it? NOTE TO AZMAT: If you actually think we all believe your statement "The IOR is not involved, responsible for nor associated with any commenting on the various blogs" then you are very sadly mistaken. They are so obviously connected to your company/society/organisation/association that is makes it laughable to say otherwise. Accept that you made a mistake with Rod, Jane and Freddy (or whatever they are called) and terminate their contract- they have done you more harm than good.
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Jun 8, 2010