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I have to reiterate what chrisL wrote earlier on. People don't know that they want an EV yet. Designers and mnufacturers have to make people want an item. Much like the ipad with it'slimited functionality high cost, but an easily accessible OS and intuitive user interface.One could buy a netbook for $200 less with better or similar specs but many don't.
PhilippeC With all due respect that figure stated in your link is for 2008/9, so currently it is slightly out of date There are already plans for an increase in renewables, 15% is the target for 2020 for the u.k. Also we have the contracts for 5 new nuclear sites as well as the worlds first CCS coal plant. Besides that, the point I was going to make was that you can selectively choose a green energy tarif or choose to produce your own energy at extra cost. Again there are so many variables. Toyota have installed solar arrays on many factories and have reduced energy costs by 5%, not much but thats several thousand carbon free hybrid cars every year
"There may a 150-mile range in a regular [electric] car by the end of the decade, but we doubt we will reach more as long as we are limited to Li-ion...A mass market [for EVs] depends on the range of these cars. This is where we put much hope on future technologies" The renault Zoe has a 120 mile range and is due for 2012. It's safe to say there WILL be an 'average' 150 mile range car by 2020 and as many have mentioned there's also the 2012 model S 300 mile range strikes me that this guy doesn't really know that much about any of his competition
PhilippeC,where did you pull those random facts and figures from? The base load for the u.k is a mixture of nuclear, and gas because it's cheaper and the most used source of power in the u.k...920g?? The majority of People don't pay for tonnes of C02 avoided they pay a price premium for the new technology and the ability to reduce costs in the long term and give energy security. Your argument for reducing ICE emissions can also be applied to battery/e.v generation.. solar powered plants, more efficient batteries, de carbonisation of the grid etc
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Jun 8, 2011