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Andy Wilkins
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Neven and idunno, it seems I was a bit slow off the mark compared to you two! Neven, it's saddening to see that "she and Semiletov have joined the Arctic Methane Emergency Group, who are advocating geo engineering solutions in 2013 to cool the Arctic." I've just looked through the AMEG brochure at: The whole brochure is an exercise in alarmist propaganda, full of scary predictions and frightening soundbites, even to the point of placing a quote on the front cover from arch-warmist Hansen in a speech he made to the rather sinister Club of Rome. The whole brochure is an affront to cool and dispassionate science.
Before the "we're all going to hell in a hand-cart" brigade get anxious about another 'AGW' crisis, let's here what Semiletov and Shakhova had to say to Revkin themselves: "We would first note that we have never stated that the reason for the currently observed methane emissions were due to recent climate change. In fact, we explained in detail the mechanism of subsea permafrost destabilization as a result of inundation with seawater thousands of years ago... ..Observations are at the core of our work now. It is no surprise to us that others monitoring global methane have not found a signal from the Siberian Arctic or increase in global emissions... ...We would urge people to...not jump to conclusions and be open to the idea that new observations may significantly change what we understand about our world." Hmmm, seems blaming it all on our 'wicked' modern society and 'evil Big Oil' may be wrong after all.
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Dec 28, 2011