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WOOHOO! This is amazing news!!!
Wow. this really sucks. sorry xo
Which Doctor are you seeing in Seattle? I had treatments in both LA and Seattle. Our Seattle doctor was amazing! I hope your follicles shrink:/ I was also a poor responder. It's so disappointing.
So many of my own experiences came rushing back to me watching this. I hope you get your happy ending soon!
A good support network really does make a huge difference. Go Hawks!
I am utterly indecisive as well. The decisions we have to make can be crippling some times. I feel like I'm going to be the most patient and yet self assured person after this journey...if it ever ends.
good luck to you!
I know how you feel :( Sometimes it takes everything in you to just motivate yourself to take a baby step back into "normal life." I've been immersing myself in Zumba. I look like an idiot, but it is tons of stress relief. Have a great day!
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Sep 11, 2013