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Angela Artemis
New York metropolitan area
A scribe serving up daily portions of her spiritual journey for public consumption.
Interests: writing, meditation, spiritual growth, mediumship, energy medicine, dream interpretation, world peace, intuitive development, expansion of consciousness, survival of consciousness outside the body
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I enjoyed your review. I loved the book - read it in '97 - not sure I'll re-read it again though. I'm an intuitive, and growing up there were no role models other than fortune tellers for people like me. Reading Dr. Orloff's book showed me that there were other ways to use intuition and benefit from it in the business/real world. When it came out there were few voices on the topic, as it was still considered very woo-wooish and professional suicide to admit too. Now, intuition has become more mainstream due in part to Dr. Orloff's book and others that followed hers. At this point, I can't imagine not tuning into my intuition on a daily basis. I use Intuition to make decisions, get answers, get inspired, find creative solutions and so much more. It would be like deciding to shut down one of my five senses - I couldn't, nor would I want to live without them either.
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Since I was a little girl I pictured myself dashing out novels and living a simple but satisfying life. My romantic notions came from reading to many Bronte sisters and Jane Austen novels. Needless to say, my life now is completely different...there are no books in the book store and there is little time to write the great novel. I have a full time job in financial sales with many evening appointments, and freelance on the side. Most of my articles have been business/real estate related because of my profession, not because I'm passionate about the subject matter. I also have a blog, no sorry - make that two blogs, and am fleshing out an ebook in my "spare time." For me, embracing the modern version of the writer's life has meant I now dream of writing and finishing (I must have 5 unfinished manuscripts by now) a non-fiction book - my dreams of writing fiction are long gone.
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Charlotte, Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is just what I needed to hear. Being so busy working full time, writing in my spare time and taking care of an aging parent since losing my father this past September I've let all extraneous activities go - and it shows. I don't feel good and I don't look my best. I haven't exercised since last summer when my father first went into the hospital. I keep putting it off because I can't find that extra hour in my schedule, but you're so right in advising us to lower our expectations. Why not start with 15 minutes? Surely, I can find 15 minutes in my schedule. Thank you for imparting this little AHA moment that changed my perception. Today, I did 15 minutes on my elliptical machine and I feel good. Tomorrow I'm sure I'll find another 15 minutes, and so on... Thanks again, Angela Artemis
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Feb 6, 2010