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Angela Gross
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The last fabric to catch my eye was the Mirabelle line by Quilting Treasures, coming out in 2015. Absolutely fell in love with the colors, themes, and quirkiness!
Toggle Commented Dec 20, 2014 on Pat Sloan: Fabric 101 Paris at Pat Sloan's Blog
I have a Singer treadle from 1910 or 1912, and two Singer 301A. The treadle is the first machine I learned to use, and the 301As are new additions. I love using them!
Fat quarters and mini-charms.
As an Army brat, I've heard about tons of scams: car dealers charging thousands more to recent BT graduates, because the dealers know they still have their signing bonuses; stealing the identity of deployed soldiers because deployed troops rarely have reasons to check their credit (this one happened to my brother); cell phone companies promising to turn off/freeze accounts during deployments and then not doing it, followed by the company charging the soldier ridiculous late fees on top of the regular cell bill (also happened to my brother); and on and on. This one was new to me, though.
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Aug 25, 2011