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Angela Scaletta
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Okay, you didn't ask, but my sister found a really cool way to take the pressure off me during gift-opening time at my wedding shower. We live in the Midwest, where you have to play stupid games at showers. Is this just a Midwest thing or do cool East-Coasters subject themselves to it, also? Anyway: Bridal Shower Present Bingo. Give all of the guests a blank bingo card, and five or ten minutes to fill it out with items they think will be among the gifts. Their own gift goes in the middle as the "free" space. Then, as the bride/mother-to-be opens gifts, the guests are busy looking at their card to see if they remembered to put "rice cooker" or "snot bulb" on their card.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2011 on Watch Me Open My Gifts at Mommy Shorts
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Feb 11, 2011