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Angela Spendal
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I love green... have never liked pink, even as a little girl... HOWEVER, the artist in me says pink because of the contrast. Also, my teenage sons say "Pink" as well, and they are usually of no opinion whatsoever. Granted they live in camouflage and are out shooting every weekend, but they happened to walk by as I was reading the post....
Awesome!!! I also do many 2-page layouts. Always have... and most of my layouts have more than 3 pictures, so this is great! Thank you so much for listening to those of us "2-pagers".
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2013 on Double the Fun at October Afternoon
What a handsome young man, but I'm a bit partial since he's my son! ;-)
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Nov 15, 2011
This is amazing! I love it! Gosh you do fantastic work.
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Nov 15, 2011
Hello! Love your blog! I've seen you everywhere lately it seems and adore your work! Just posted some love on Facebook as well for you! Have a fantastic birthday!
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2011 on Giveaway time!!! at My scrappin' life
Very cool! I never thought of painting with the mists! Thanks for the inspiration. ;-)
This is awesome! I love it and these papers are fantastic.
Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2011 on Tutorial: Paper Planes at October Afternoon
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Jul 12, 2011