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Angelika Jäger
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This doesn't have anything to do with your post, but I absolutely love Mazzy's hair! I don't know what exactly it is that I like so much, but she always looks so adorable.
And I'm a NewDayNewDeals fan on facebook.
Toggle Commented Jul 13, 2011 on Clean Up Your Hot Mess at Mommy Shorts
I'm a fan on facebook. My hot mess moment was when I went to the cinema with my husband just a few months after my daughter was born. We had planned to watch a movie then go to a really nice restaurant to celebrate the first time we were really alone since the birth. In preparation for the nice restaurant, I searched for my concealer stick in my bag in the dark while the movie was stile running and blindly applied it to the sides of my nose. It wasn't until we were out of the cinema again and my hubby looked at me again with the lights on that he noticed I had mistakenly applied red listick to my nose because I had confused it with my concealer. Worst was, the lipstick was the long-lasting kind so I couldn't quite get it off, but my husband did not want to cancel our restaurant reservations. So I sat in the very fancy restaurant with my very fancy husband and some very fancy lipstick still smeared around my nose making me look like a clown with a bad cold. The food was really good, though, and being alone with my husband was even better. Good thing he still loves me with a red nose.
Toggle Commented Jul 13, 2011 on Clean Up Your Hot Mess at Mommy Shorts
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Jul 13, 2011