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Angelina Green
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Nov 22, 2009
I love this post! It's so true! The sensitive, givers, change our lives, make such a deep impact, and we will never be the same, only better, once they cross our paths. The arrogant, secret keepers, who send us those vibes, "you're a fool, you'll never make it, so why should I help you", only drain us for a day or so, but are soon forgotten. Sometimes the stingy can turn into destroyers! Did you know that the author of, Romancing the Stone, almost gave up writing, and took a break over a decade. I believe it was 14 years, after he professor told her, that her writing was terrible and she should give up and would never make it. Years later, a successful journalist read some of her work, and was amazed at her talent, and that was what woke her up from the coma!
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Nov 22, 2009