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Angelina Lazar
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It never ceases to amaze me how whichever site I post on, there is someone who comes, totally not focused on this issue, but comes only to try and discredit me.. but I am familiar with WHO this is. No matter for me... I continue in all truth for truth's sake, while they expose how DESPERATE THEY ARE to try and discredit me. I REALLY BOTHER THESE EVIL POWERS, especially since putting out my film on FREEMASONRY, SECRET SOCIETIES, OCCULTISM & THE ILLUMINATI VS CHRIST (on YouTube). But no matter for me; I continue all the same with MY MISSION EXTRAORDINAIRE, regardless +++ Ok.... so, with that being said: I continue. Yes, there is a financial war going on behind the scenes as Swiss banks and the American government have leveraged huge gold bullion deposits (basically, they stole the gold) from not just "that woman"; but there are at least another couple of players I know with massive wealth in Central Banks the whole world over. It is "settlement-time", these world powers were told clearly, and not only that, but these world powers have been warned by another force as well(not of this world) to not play with nuclear power as that was not for us, it was said, but for them. In that we did not comply, it was warned what should occur and when. 2012 was the date given for such calamities and catastrophes. It was stated beforehand which countries would suffer if these World Treasury Deposits in various Central Banks were not returned to their rightful owner(s). This is what we are seeing play out now. And it is only just beginning . . . But these illuminati world powers are outright thieves, playing dangerous games. The countries where we have seen supposed "natural" disasters are the countries that were warned years in advance to relinquish these world treasury deposits to a very serious world power. They did not. And so, it is all playing itself out. Besides that, we have the Apocalypse. And I have discerned that God will utilize even the evil powers to effect some of what he has planned. Truly, no matter how you dissect it or from which angle you shine the light on these esoteric, global, mystical, political and spiritual issues of historic and biblical precedence, it remains what always was: only in Christ Jesus do we find Salvation and freedom from all suffering, both in this world and eternally. So much for now. Although I have much more to say on this . . . Angelina Lazar Mystical Orthodox Theologian Spiritual & Political Ideologue Defender of Human Rights & Peacemaker
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Mar 1, 2010