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Shared cuz I care..And only I could skip a blog for a freaking week and get all easily befuddled cuz the layout was changed.. Still will always promote MM/BBGC... Later, Gator ;)
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I found the whole situation to bite..I do believe though eventually wls is too good of a sell, that both sides will be told, and I hope they do that fairly for those who's lives were bettered by having gastric bypass and other weight loss surgeries, and those who's lives like mine were nearly ended and ruined.. Daniel, not trying to rain on your parade. I only wish you continued good health and success with your band. I've seen it fail too many people though, not the other way around. It's predecessor, vertical banded gastroplasty did the same thing, caused major weight regain even in patients who could not eat and the need for removal and revisions. I don't know why they thought adjustable fillable silicon band with a port would be any different. All wls people can have an amazing amount of success which in my definition is not just keeping their weight off, but remaining in good health, if you don't have one it doesn't matter the other. Not everyone of weight is a walking time bomb. I'm extremely supportive of Beth, my BBGC's and MM because she supportive to the wls community as a whole, and presents both sides and comprehensive support, education and resources. As though a patient who fell into Team Category major complications requiring my rny to be reversed, and my best friend is unbanded vbg,where we were both almost 9 years post op at the time of our reversals. Live with complications year after year, and chances are, for people like us, even a reversal or unbanding, you'll never be totally normal again, she and I both aren't. It's not just shady surgeons or patient failure with this surgery.I'd bet the farm, that in less then 5 years lap bands will not be performed anymore. This isn't as I said before to take away those who've had success, but in too many people it failed with major complications who had brilliant surgeons... These are my words and opinions, if someone wants to take issue with it, do so with me, don't take it out on Beth...
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Squee!!!!!!! You'll do amazing.... Because you are...;)
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Do I love the fact you have to go through this? NO. Do I think it's for the best to finally get some answers and hopefully better control of your seizure disorder, unfortunately, yes. You're already on quite cocktail of neuroleptics that obviously aren't doing anything. I don't know enough about epilepsy, let alone epilepsy post gastric bypass to make anything resembling an intelligent suggestion, other then, I think for often you having seizures, and I don't know if it possible to "graduate" into having grand mals, that they do something like this, now. It's been going on long enough.The only concerns I have, and I've expressed them before, is I wonder how successful even if they pinpoint your seizures, if they can ever successfully be controlled with medications, if there isn't a malabsorbtion issue that you are having that will impede your bodies ability to absorb any cocktail to control this. Enough graduate post ops now have enough complications neurologically and with auto-immune disorders that this warrants a lot more research then surgeons are willing to give to it. People unless they've had long term complications, are not going to relate, to both ambivalence of resenting complications but at the same time being happy that you've worked hard and been able to have long term success with your weight loss. I hope this blog does not create a need for you to justify what your issues are post op both good and bad. Sadly, it will, most likely will not, because you are raining on their Rainbow Unicorn Parade. Some people won't ever get it. Enough of us get it though and appreciate your ability to provide multiple extensive avenues of education and support to the community, Beth. Signed, Unstapled Lisa ;)
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Mine thanks to an amazing uber-blogger, is "In love with myself" by David Guerra... Truthfully I have the worst self esteem in the world but somehow that song gets me out of the dumps... :)
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2011 on The Anthems. at WLS - Women Living Single
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I've had to back off on FB,I hope you know I've always meant well as far as you and any of your endeavors are concerned. I am sorry to hear you are in so much pain, and that I hope they will get to the bottom of this soon, so that you will feel better soon. I hope I am not intruding. Lisa...
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Apr 21, 2011