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Good luck with everything!! it is sad those who held all of you will not be held to account for their unlawful actions!! good luck in the future for all of you and your families!!
There is a nationwide radio show who has a member of the show that has been following this case....maybe you should contact them. His name is Brent and he is on the Bubba the love sponge show, I didnt even know of the sirius show you had till he talked about it!! Thay are on howards sirius channel. This is a scary situtation that can easly be used aginst anyone of us. Isn't funny how people will go aginst their own best interests to stay part of a group!!!
There is a disgusting use of religion in this country. and here is a perfect case of it. just because someone looks different or acts different we go into panic mode because we feel uncomfortable. This case as been mismanaged and flawed from the start!! Some beleve if you are found guilty than you are. They dont want to think that the system can be flawed. Because if it is flawed the they can become the unwilling victim of the flawed system. So they ignore the problem. Untill they are the next in line. I know your pains and i continue to pray for you. Good luck tomarrow and god willing this is the beginning of the end of your nightmare!!
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Sep 29, 2010