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Even for common good, anglophones will still oppose! Its a shame. If something must be must start with the anglophones who keep denying reality.
If this happened in the african continent, Hillary would have said the elections was rigged or unfair. She was too confident and find it hard to accept the outcome. It will be no surprise to see whites rising to leadership again in S. Africa following recent events. A lesson for us Cameroonians to learn that we have to stick to one course, stay united and fight a good fight. Some day it will be on the front pages of papers worldwide.
Obama cannot rewrite the american constitution. I commend his hardwork and congratulate his success. But, His likes have been and are still in our political scene, but much of their work has only ended up in history books. The people propelled Obama to where he is today, but back home in africa the people a putting their support on the wrong side. Yet anticipate for change. Look at Mugabe and Tsangarai, Biya and Fru Ndi. If we can't make the change, 50 Obamas will not do it for us.
When there will be calm, motions of support will be flowing to Mr. President on how he pragmatically handled the crisis. "Thats why we want Biya to be president for life" what a shame to the people!!!
Fon, Please hold your calm. No matter your course, you'll have followers and distractors. Let the madness of others don't infect you!! The situation in Cameroon has affected many mentally, an many don't have any sense of belongings or know who there are and what they need. Let's respect the opinion of others but should not be derailed from your path or thinking by the frustration of others.
Tayong, Marching to Downing Street is really not worth it. When Biya visited Britain the same people who should march are the same people who lined the streets and was singing the anthem in French. Think of one day of a "sit down" strike in the NW & SW! My point is, the anglophones are yet to show the state and the world that they're a force to reckon with. Unless we rise up on our own land, only then will foreign ministries start scheduling know what I mean. We have to march to the Governor's and DO's offices and send them out. But names cannot do it. It should be the people, and the people are yet to be mobilized. See how even journalists are frustrated!! In my opinion, establishing support from the grass roots, & staging self governance is the first step.
Reverend-devil, how is your comment related to the above article? Don't be a bystander throwing stones! I can see that journalists are using active politicians and current events to express their views. Caution however...there is no press freedom in Cameroon.
RIP!!! Accidents do happen but fatal in africa and in Cameroon in particular due to the poor roads, overcrowded vehicles and reckless driving. What strikes me most is the fact that Limbe perhaps other cities lack intensive care units and have to send patients to Douala. A patient can die on the way to the hospital given the distance, poor transport facility and the heavy traffic congestion in Douala. Its a shame because these are necessities and what politicians in the west use to woe voters...improved health care! In Cameroon it's T-shirts, 500F and promises to appoint son's of the soil to ministerial or government positions. We've got a long way to go.....
UnitedhatredofAfrica or whatever, this is not a petition forum! You are just disrupting the coherence of the topic. You can sue the post for voilating your freedom of expression. Its good to be optimistic but be honest and realistic; how many states in Africa have true unity within political boundaries and among the people? Only in this forum, you various factions of SC, SDF, CPDM, liberals and conservatives. Most of you want to be heroes by making comments!
SDF have failed! SCNC have failed! So what? We should stop this attitude of being sign boards just pointing to directions and never actually heading that direction or to the place. Who are these young blood, new mentality and all the charismatic values of the leaders you're talking about? Is it not us? We want change and should bring the change. Stop blaming others, if any of you is truly serious for change, lets make a movement from this forum today! With all the bright idea, it must be a success. Who is in?
Les gens n'aimeint pas les gens oh! mais nous advances! vraiment! This debate here is similar to the ones in bars, where points are raised to discredit others but no clear point on the way forward. It is evident that the southern cameroons is segmented on even family lines. From the last elections, (whether fair or not) the anglophone struggle is still one sided (NW) and championed by the SDF. Its about facts, not on party bias. A NW cameroon can easily gain autonomy. Many will dispute this...but do some homework and you'll support the fact. It's not what we want though!!! So put back your guns. With the SCNC still at the upper class level and the capital of SC rallying firmly behind LRC, targeting the SDF which has the NW secured is lack of strategy. This battle of liberation is two phase, Phase 1- Winning the hearts and minds of the people. Phase 2- Winning liberation. Going ahead and leaving the people behind and lacking their support is just running fast on the wrong track. Stop pointing fingers or ridiculing others, be inspired, conceive ideas and lay out a strategy.
Hamas and Fatah fighting!!! Perhaps Sunnis and Shites! Keep killing each other, blame those in government that you don't recognize, and Biya. How does that help. No matter your course they will always be followers, and those against but having a majority of followers is key to achieve a goal. Keep killing one another or deterring unity, generations to come will still be talking about the anglophone problem, the southern Cameroons. Before building a state, unity, love, peace and understanding must reign among anglophones. Each anglophone counts in the struggle. If we continue to see others as the bad grains then we will disappoint ourselves and the generations to come.
They are so many people who are ashame of their true identity. They don't have a sense of belonging. You think it ends only at using proxy names? They even mask their origin, and their parents. Please if you're a proud Anglophone, just neglect these impostors. They will oscillate and come to rest. Keep the forum alive and interesting!!
"Corruption is a crime against the people" and its your case against the people...exibit A for the Anglophone case. It's really appalling to see how others are using this forum to mislead themselves, targeting others while disrupting constructive comments.
At last the CPDM have a message to the hungry and the foolish! Money!!! "Vote for the cpdm because only the cpdm can pay salaries and in 'advance'!" Emptiness.
Danny Boy, You have to understand that not only the politicians are the bad guys. Even the educated need sensitization before any reforms. Look at the professors who sell marks are those who buy degrees and the doctors who have pharmacies in their offices, not to mention your neighbor who will ask your labouring wife for deposit first. Journalists will not strike when their collegues are molested but will write columns about it just to sell. We've got a lot of home work to do!
This site has been sucking me all this while! I miss u all brothers and sisters, back on scene. There must be propanganda, we all know that Cameroon is ruled by decrees and declarations. Election results will be declared: landslide for the CPDM, the SDF second, NW, part of SW & parts of W and 2 in Lit. The SDF will complain, the press will make some quick bucks and it dies down. Hmmm, for how long?
Mk, We are all the fools! When things are hard on us we feel that Leaders are making us fools. If we can proof that we are not fools let us campaign for boycott. We always point fingers to the person closest to us. We are mature enough not to be complaining. I need your ideas for a website I am developing for those who want change. Lets show our strength and inspire others. Rexon, If that is what makes and intelligent person I think all the CPDM militants, are very intelligent.
It's a stock. Continue the selling, buying, reselling and rebuying! You can't help it!
You did not notice the wrong tenses! I just think that the Post lacks talented graphic editors. They publish pictures with date stamps and where pictures are required they don't provide. We are what we are. Look at our BBC journalist, he hardly writes about the real stories that the world needs to know but he shamelessly writes about a death Lion and bad omen for the president. Bullshit!!!
Brotherly love!!! Why question the motive behind saving a human life, fellow brother, tribesman and a traditional ruler? Do you support jungle justice. Stop the politics of hatred. For any course, it's worth winning more hearts than lossing them even the opponents'.
Survival of the corrupt. The big fish will always eat the small fish. You pretend to drain a flooding room with a basket without first turning off the water source.
SHAME to you Achidi. You always ask "where is your own" or "what have you given". All these your questions we will ask you one day. Fons with you envy them? Why not, bcos they will not tolerate all your devilish plans. You're indirectly insulting the Fon Ganyongha. SHAME to all the elites on individuals with hidden agendas. God will not permit it! Congratulations fon Ganyongha III and fon Nana for seeking peace. No matter who is wrong or who is winning, peace must be given a chance. Heal the hearts first.
Sorry to all fons who are trying to seek for notice. You are all heading to the direction of disgrace and lose of respect. All fons are self sufficient and can get anything they desire in their fondoms, beatiful women, material wealth etc. They are regarded as divine rulers. But if you stand up to contest elections with your subjects...even women will not bow in your presence. We will shake hands with you and toss the finger. Watch Out!!!!
"As soon as Bate Besong's death became public, there was an outpouring of grief both on his website and that of The Post." We did expressed our grief from the heart but Some condolence messages from this forum was supposed to be published in this special edition also.