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OMG! Or, as my Jewish friends would say, "Oh my YHWH!"
Toggle Commented May 2, 2012 on Let Them Eat Consonants at Fritinancy
This headline has been legendary since pre-internet days, so might be genuine. The British 8th Army was attacking the German Afrika Korps in 1943 and doing rather well, prompting the headline: "Eighth Army shove bottles up Germans"
The British system (which I use, being British) is logical: if what's in the quote needs punctuating, then punctuate it (i.e., if it's a complete sentence). The rule is only hard to follow if people quote part-sentences with active verbs, but I think that looks awkward anyway so I don't do it. So: John said, "The American punctuation system is the best." John believes that the American punctuation system is "the best". John believes that "the best" punctuation system is the American one. I won't comment on the American system myself because I don't know whether it is being used properly in the examples I see.
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May 28, 2011