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May 21, 2013
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Mar 21, 2012
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Mar 23, 2011
But FNL is so the AFTER rebound relationship, and so much better. Alas, it's gone as well. Spartacus? (Not quite)
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Oh Anil, you make a terrific Dad, just more Cowboy, less intellectual stuff ;) This was great, especially for us 'on the verge' non-parent types.
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Feb 10, 2011
I'm chilly on carosels too. Fucking pain in the ass if you ask me. Which you didn't. Ever try setting the timer on the iphone in a pinch? Yea, it ain't easy. Click click click. #designfail Good points overall. I wasn't convinced by their little sideshow yesterday. "Have I decided that x percentage of the room is for in-depth, no.."-Jesse Angelo. Oh really, screw you too.
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I love this. And your post about your parents made me cry. Glad to have you writing again.
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Jan 30, 2011
"Ms. Marr then planted herself at a table in the back of the bookstore, where she filed a 500-word article that was posted on Politico’s home page about an hour after Mr. Pawlenty had left the building. " As a former 'flyover' country reader of The Times I have to say that if the times writers' continue to denigrate and condescend in articles that are tertiary at best in their own research and writing, then their naivette or snobbery, whichever it may actually be, will surely cement their being stuck in the 20th century. The whole tone of the article strikes me as defensive at best and I could feel the red glow around the ears and the hairs rise up on the back of the reporters neck. The tone of that last paragraph quoted above insinuated that hard and immediate work lacks authenticity, depth, meaning, experience with a focus purely on immediacy while ignoring the reality that it is efficient, timely, and concise, neither of which this article meets. Besides the fact that what would a Times editor prefer a 2000 word article on an appearance at Barnes & Noble? Not only are they not recognizing the ascendency of blogs as news sources, but they are also failing to do what they insinuate these blogs cannot, report with clarity, objectivity and meaning from a higher level. But it must feel pretty bad to watch the paper you grew up with flail around like it's been doing in fighting the new competition. This all reminds me of when my favorite paper in San Antonio, The San Antonio Light, shut down and left us with the San Antonio Express. The Light was always the long-form best for journalism in the city but the express was lean and mean and adapted. Even the great fail if the good are one step ahead when the race begins. Alas, the Times isn't dead and is still the authority, isn't it?
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Ok, I'm convinced it sounds like fun history. And for someone that tortured himself with Latin and a bit of Roman history as a young man I may have to shove a pipe in my mouth and don a smoking jacket as I imbibe.
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In regards to your footnote, did you see that Kraft foods is testing a scanner that guesses what you might want to purchase based on a scan of your face? Creepy and gross.
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Po Dog, this is terrific stuff. Sorry it took so long to get to reading it. In my defense I was in some other country away from the internet (mostly). I also thought Michelle Rodriguez's character was pretty flat though. And as usual, she gets killed off. Brown people and Asians always get killed off in these militaristic sci-fi films. Speaking of plurality = second film, Predator => Predators, also a total crap militaristic nightmare where women, largely don't exist, unless they are being saved, abused or killed.
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Enough already. Start writing again. Somewhere ;)
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Another example for you Anil. I use the alerts for an industry keyword search, "food brooklyn sustainability". I've noticed that I've always heard about the articles before I receive the alert about them.
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I think if I were guest blogging you'd see a readership dropout. This is so Chabon, good in so many ways. And the Remnick piece was thoughtful and I see the point, just not entirely convinced still, eenthough it seems all of the media are after listening to the radio all day yesterday and this morning & reading news. I hadn't seen your 'Nobel Treatment' until just now and so true. I thought that was odd when it happened but it goes to my theory that awards are generally small groups of people patting themselves and their friends on the back, which isn't wrong, just not quite right either.
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Jan 14, 2011
Great post PoDog.
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I agree and raise that to "I want to live a better and longer life, inspire others to do the same and be able to eat whatever I cook."
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Now I got you.
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More please. Lovely short.
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Wow, I don't think I would have found this book to read for another generation if you hadn't mentioned this. I rarely read reviews or interviews in the times for some reason. I used to really enjoy the believer reviews and interviews but I had to unsubscribe when my job ended.
Unedited and unfinished? I didn't even notice. This is a nice lil' diddy on the melody and introspection that can come from a considered view of life, notwithstanding baseball itself.
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Adriana, did you hear the WNYC piece by The Fishko Files about the translation of the book? She interviewed Volokhonsky and Pevear