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Paul, Just saw you debate one of our lesser lights (to put it charitably) in Joe Walsh. Well done. And while I assume you must see the Trump approval / disapproval numbers regularly, I hope it's fully understood just how horrified the solid majority of this country is that a perfect storm of misdirected rage, bigotry and apathy put that man in the White House. The idea that Trump is running around playing to the rage-addicted morons, who haven't got a clue about the importance of the relationship with Great Britain, Canada, Germany, France and all of NATO is just a low point in my 40+ years of observing politics. It's actually a small blessing that my 95 year-old Anglophile of a father, who flew B-17s out of Norfolk during the war, and called on British Air and Aer Lingus as clients for decades during his career, has lost his ability to follow the news recently. Otherwise he would be beside himself. Anyhow, I don't have a more specific point than to vent for a moment, and stress to you how furious we all are to have Donald Trump, and his minions like Joe Walsh be seen as speaking for the majority of us. Stick in there. We're in this together, and god willing we'll survive Trump and Putin, as well as god awful cycles of religious terrorism. Best, AWT
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Jun 6, 2017