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Are you saying that my forthcoming title "Highly-Effective Chicken Soup for your Parachute from Mars (Awakening the One-Minute Manager by Eating That Frog To Win Friends With Mood Therapy for the Real You, incorporating Lessons from the Art of War of Sun Tzu)" doesn't contain valuable information that will change lives, allow you to overcome procrastination, low self-esteem, heartbreak and psoriasis (you don't know the meaning of heartbreak, buddy), and give you richer, glossier hair in just 30 days? Because if so, sir, you're turning your back on the product of literally weeks of intensive investigation, incorporating the very latest in pseudo-psychological babble wrapped up in a healthy helping of folksy "aw shucks" writing and extensively illustrated by a gifted dropout from Mrs Phipps' prestigious second-grade drawing class. Are you sure you can afford to do that?
The problem is that while some of the Kindle spammers are selling the usual crappy 'private label rights' ebooks - which presumably are fairly easy to recognize - others are ripping off other people's work and reselling it as their own. If a spammer puts their name on a good, original work, neither Amazon nor their customers will necessarily recognize it as abusive. Checksumming submitted texts to identify possible plagiarism would work only as long as the spammers don't start randomly varying words in the text (have a script go through the text and replace selected words with near-synonyms from a thesaurus), or simply mashing up different texts together (two chapters from book A, another two chapters from book B, and so forth). As with all spam, it's an arms race, and the spammers will always be a step ahead as long as there's even a small amount of money to be made.
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Jun 23, 2011