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This is lovely. So glad to know you exist. And I'm excited to keep reading.
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#1 for me: If you need the nap to be short, it will be long. If you're desperate for the nap to be long, it will be short, or won't happen at all. #2: when my husband agrees to do the morning shift, j sleeps an hour later than usual.
OH, we TOTALLY do art all the time. My almost 2 year old and I had an AMAZING time making a card for an honorary aunt of culminated in me desperately trying to press his paint-covered hand onto a piece of paper for a touching toddler handprint, which would be the focal point of said card. And he wriggled away screaming, flinging toddler handprints all over the kitchen. During the tantrum, he flipped the watercolor tray over onto said card. The resulting splatter of rainbow color was pure artistic genius. Card: complete.
Good God this is funny. What an effing delight it is to peruse your crappy pictures. Amen, sister!! is now following The Typepad Team
Aug 3, 2011