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Can we say, Right Wing Conservative Fundementalist Christian? (RWCFC) It use to be a mystery to me how you guys were so against social programs that helped the hungry, sick, homeless, and used what political power you had to 'protect familes' by keeping homosexuals from getting rights, or women wanting abortions. Actually these are fairly bloodless abstract concepts that you have little actual contact with. It's like the Kansas City chapter of 'Save the Whales'. It doesn't make sense as I have read the Bible. You guys-(I am really trying to not be a jerk in saying this, it just seems true) alway go with the Power: a strong decesive leader regardless if he plunges us into an unneeded and now very suspect war. Power over humanity everytime because humanity in its weakness sickens you. ,General statements I hear about rising medicare, 47% of the population without a health care plan, homelessness, etc.. is 'they made that choice' -we can't help the goverment has taken over that role, and other HYPOCRICTICAL statements. Come on now. We're watching you and you show so very little of the spiritual life, it seems just all cultural. The world is burning and you construct a new church, put in a Latte bar, send a 'missionary' to a country chock a block full of Christians, and if anything other than that it is just the exception proving the rule. Argue away about how many angels can stand on the head of a pin, or just exactly when the fetus is alive. It pretty much adds up to the same thing.