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Good stuff, Ben. When I was in a different season of my life I blogged a LOT, often chronicling the ups and downs, twists and turns of that part of my journey. Then life changed, my story took a different twist and I didn't blog anything for about 6 months. Early in that period, there were times when I felt like perhaps my digital significance was dwarfed by those who had much more to say. I started blogging again a month or so ago, and am in a place where I have stuff I want to say and share, but I don't feel nearly as compelled to produce content for the sake of producing it. There are those who disagree with that approach, and I'm fine with that. I want my words to matter. Thank you for sharing this.
This is beautiful and challenging, Ben. It makes me all the more thankful for my "few guys in a garage" and makes me want to be all the more intentional with investing in those friendships.
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Jul 12, 2011