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Seriously amazing leaving present, I do agree. So cool. Hope you had a great last week!
I actually gave up on One Second Everyday a couple of months ago for exactly the reasons you mention - well done on you for sticking it out :)
Good luck Amelia! This is very impressive. I never managed such a good time for my first 10k this year. I'm sure you'll be ace. Also endorse your strategy of sharing your goal publicly! x
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First, well done, that's a nice role to have. I've been to the Festival for a couple of years now, and what strikes me is how product-focussed it is. Design pervades almost everything we do - processes, systems etc. (it's part of why won Design of the Year, non?) so it'd be nice to see the remit of LDF expanding a bit. It would also be nice to see themes, stories that curate a range of things across different categories rather than disparate if excellent products grouped together in an exhibition. I'm no design specialist so consider this purely a layperson's POV!
Very cool list, thanks for sharing. Not sure I would have come across this anywhere else!
Happy Birthday little James. Enjoy the years before they whizz away all too soon John!
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Thanks for the mention! I LOVED the badges too. Still wearing the one I picked up. It says 'Mayor'!!
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Sep 16, 2010