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The Entrepreneur Molua, just for your information Abey Joe is an ex-student of the Government Bilingual Secondary School in Yaounde, P.O Box 864, Yaounde! Class of 1976, some 33 years ago!! How old were you then, little twerp? He communicates in English and French fluently, one of Ahidjo's guinea pigs! Remember me telling you that you are a product of a failed educational system under Biya's watch?. Logic escapes you despite your PhD!!! If anybody needs to be interviewed in pidgin, it will be you! Go pimp around Etoudi for your crumbs and let us decide what is good for us. Your paper is not even good enough for one to wrap chips in, let alone read!!
Ruelson, "If she threatens to vacate her marital home because of your children, then by all means let her move on." I would say, buy her a one-way ticket and send her back to her parents! That way she does not benefit from her scheming! Problem is many lie low until you have sorted their stay, then their real agenda begin to surface. Hating your children from your previous relaionships might only be an excuse! Terrible!
Dr. Louis Mbua Egbe, I need not read all of your posting to add my two cents to what you are saying. You have always been forthright even when we disagree on certain issues. In this case you are bang on. As a fellow Diasporan, the question is why are our Embassies and Consulates all over the world being treated as CPDM fiefdoms? When these very nincompoops keep talking to one about demo-crazy in Cameroon? How odd. Konde has a febrile mind! His gymnastics should not fool any one. As for Tyson-cum-ambassador, I only wish this savage could have bitten Joe Mbu or the Lady's ear off! Jokes apart, the CPDM can do the honourable thing. Renounce their tenous hold on our institutions, national or foreign, in the true sense of democracy. Until this happens, Cameroon will always be a joke in the eyes of this simple "Joe SpeaK" and the international community, perhaps!! There is a hall in Abakwa referred to as the CPDM Congress Hall!!! Now that smacks of insult, Fru Ndi and your advicers where are you? Ostriches!! SDF--No Manifesto!
VA Boy, thanks. I am subscribed to Camnet and had read this hateful posting from Konde. That is what I am alluding to above. As for the Entrepreneur, I knew he will come after me. This is another Docta like Konde, but unlike Konde, logic escapes him! He is surprised when his stupid arguments are chewed, ruminated on, found wanting and spat back into his face! In one of my postings, I earnestly asked whether this Docta is a product of the dumbed down education we have had in Cameroon under Biya? A happy week-end to all.
Ambassador Joseph Bienvenu Charles Foe Atangana ! Such names are typical of feymen! What is his name? Look at the possible combinations and tell me this guy is not Joseph medouga?
Manga, thank you for your posting. Konde on camnet thinks this is Graffi machination! If your analysis is true, then Konde must have a sick mind!!! It had been diagnosed before!!! Shameful to think that we have exported our disease to the Americas! Lol.
Mr. Enow, one is not compelled to reply to every story one reads here! Bereft of facts, I do not write, as is the case now. I do not have insider information from that establishment and by the way, what is Mr. Chia saying that is new to your ears? The dipiladating infrastructure? the misuse of funds from our glory years? Though Mola above disputes the veracity of some of Mr. Chia's assertions, there is still enough in this story to demand for answers. Whatever the arguments, the technical people at CRTV should have diagnosed this problem hours before kick off!! That they only knew this at kick off is a fat lie!! Given the importance of this match, all systems would have been fine tuned hours prior and primed to go at the appointed hour!! This is simple logic. Mola, I suspect, has an axe to grind with Chia. As for you Mr. Enow, I do not know whether you enjoy reading my comments or you have pidgeon-holed me as a supporter of the regime, hence the reference "foolish man!" Please as I said earlier, it is not every story one replies to. Have a wonderful day.
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The Entrepreneur, have visited your link above. Do me a favour and read too this World Bank Report of 1993!It is on the same region! 'World Bank; 1993. The East Asian Miracle: Economic Growth and Public Policy, New York: Oxford University Press. August--October 1993; Volume 4, Number 4.' I would pray that others read this report too. Thanks.
Ma Mary, as I said in one of my postings, this person and whatever s/he represents is the product of a dumbed down education that we want no part of. Could not think of a better word; so "moron" should fit his cap; for the length of this debate. The Entrepreneur Moron, Good Morning Sir, Yes Sir; say more! Whilst the fingers encircle your nether parts and you will not be able to cough! Ask Forjindam!! Could ridicule you more, but why! You are my Brother, but note I am a protestant! May the Gods help you.
The Entrepreneur, you are a product of that failed State and all her systems! Sloppy journalism. " since when did hungry idlers pass judgement?" Hungry idlers in Cameroon? As I commented in one of my ripostes, logic escapes you! So you accept that there is hunger in Cameroon! A failed agricultural system or a failed State with all her big ambitions! My Brother is lost between Kumba and Mamfe. With the broken bridge and landslides in Bamenda, he thought he could get home through Mamfe! I hope he is not turkey to some Abeo-kotats in your jungles!
The entrepreneur, you write, "perhaps the opportunity cost of Cameroon's underdevelopment is his state sponsored see why you can't absolve yourself?" For your information, there are hundreds of Cameroonians that the State sponsored abroad currently working in Cameroon. What has been the success of the new found knowledge they brought back? At best marginlalized! Some are still there trying to change the spots on a leopards skin! Others have chosen to leave that hell-hole, and why not? In the eighties, a minister told me the business of government is to educate but not to employ! I reminded him of a certain contract between the Government and those who benefited from her largesse, so to speak! He simply laughed! Read into that as much as you, and stop that your nonsense about opportunity cost!
The Entrepreneur, the North West Province is devoid of the sort of natural resources that abound in the South West. Talk less of the cash crops of the C.D.C. If anything was to bring wealth and prosperity to it's region, the South West would be light years ahead of any province in Cameroon, thanks to its' natural riches! The Entrepreneur, compare the two provinces and tell one that there is any marked difference in their developments. Talking of elites giving back to their communities, as the mainstay of development, I am afraid you are plain barmy!Elites, charities and NGOs may participate in this task, but theirs is voluntary. That business is the responsibility of the government of any state! Your state has failed not just Bamenda, but every single metropolis, towns and villages across the country! Its'failed footprints can be discerned in write-ups like yours. Logic escapes you, and when you write, you do not pay attention to detail! Is it largesse or largese? When you point a finger, is it four or five that point back at you? You must be a product of this system that has dumbed down our education and rendered all else not fit for purpose!! As for logic, do you not think that the Basque region of Spain is more 'developed' than Cameroon? Yet these people want to break away from your vibrant Spain! Why should this be the case? Give the thrifty Bamenda man a break!He survives in the face of all odds!!
Toggle Commented Nov 7, 2009 on I weep for Bamenda at Up Station Mountain Club
Bob et al, been enjoying your brilliant exchanges. Bob, this is specially for you. The Meta people of Batibo do not exist! The Meta people inhabit the regions around Gwofon, Mbengwi and Acha-Tugi. The right appellation for them is "the MENEMO People" Batibo is one of 22 Villages that make up the MOGHAMO tribe. It is rather unfortunate that these people are referred to as Batibo! The Moghamo and Menemo are brothers and sisters who decided to go their separate ways in the course of their history. I am Moghamoan and understands the Menemo person when s/he speaks perfectly.
Toggle Commented Nov 3, 2009 on I weep for Bamenda at Up Station Mountain Club
Javis Ndumbe, I am afraid you are speaking to an idiot who does not know his left from the right hand! Been reading Alain Dipokos' postings for quite some time. The boy is the " devil's advocate"!, is my guess!!!. I suspect this person is an Anglophone who just likes to wind people up! He could be serious, afterall there is something called introspection; or reverse psychology, so they say! Take what he writes with a pinch of salt. Still waiting to know, when and where he studied here in the UK for his Doctorate, and when he worked at the High Commission. This boy could be Edison Fru Ndi! Wonders shall never end! How will anybody take us seriously when foolhardy sons decide to scupper all that their parents stand and are fighting for? Please people, Alain Dipoko is a phantom! Just ignore this rabid "ngong"!
If only Milla had a half education, as we say! He will not be in this photo with this Lion-man and his lioness! Fact is, the poor chap has been co-erced by the likes of Alain Dipoko!!
Alain Dipoko, "Ph.D my foot! You might tempt me to buy a dog and print the letters "Alain Dipoko, PhD" on it's collar!" Euphemism for "give a dog a bad name and hang it"! Your champagne swirling type do not know the importance of any vocation or hard work in society! You turn your nose up against street-sweepers, fork-lifters and other lowly employs to your fall! Ask James Callaghan, since you studied here in the UK; you should know. Hoping you read this without it being censored!
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2009 on Photo: PMUC Buea at Up Station Mountain Club
Alain Dipoko, you failed to answer my simple questions and went on to ramble about your appearance on CNN in the distant future! You did not really live, study and work here at the High Commission. Did you? Talking of euphemisms, can I say you have been, "economical with the truth". Do you understand what that means? It means you are a bare-faced liar. In the past 30 years I know those who have studied here in the UK and have worked at the High Commission! Not many I must state!! Alain Dipoko, if Etoudi employed you to sabotage this community, go tell your handler that you have been found out! In old Russia, you will be sent to Siberia. In Cameroon, there is Kondengui for failed cyber-spies like you! PhD my foot! You might tempt me to buy a dog and print the letters "Alain Dipoko, PhD" on it's collar! Euphemism! You are one stupid froggie!