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Anjuan Simmons
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Thanks for mentioning my article! I was happy to meet you at Blogging While Brown, and I love your mission of financial freedom. It was an honor to share it with the Black Web 2.0 audience!
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Have you tried You can also self host your own install of WordPress.
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I have to slightly disagree. :-) The purchase of a wedding dress is far from a trivial purchase since many of them cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. So, it is a big budgetary decision in which I think a lot of husbands have a right to be involved. Since money is one of the biggest sources of marital strife, establishing a team approach to selecting a wedding dress (and, for the matter, the entire cost of the wedding) makes sense. However, I also think that it is perfectly fine for the bride to want to keep the wedding dress selection process separate from the husband. After all, in many ways, the bride is presenting herself to the husband and the dress can be part of the surprise. So, I understand both points of view.
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I have had the pleasure of working with Crystal at a networking event and also working with her husband when he did a photo shoot of my wife. She is truly a jewel, and the beautiful relationship she shares with her husband is an inspiration to me. I certainly hope I'll be able to work with her again in the future! -Anjuan
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Apr 26, 2010