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I read what you said about capes, and thought of this scene in The Incredibles: Yeah, ditch the cape. :) If little Monica is sticking so close to you, it's because she's drawn to what she senses in your spirit: the Love and Grace of God. In the quiet, in the stillness of the routine, you're planting seeds, sweet friend. Seeds of Love that will never scorch in the sun, because they are being blessed by the Son. And you're planting them just by being you. Love and hugs to you!
Oh, yes, I remember last fall. I bet if I mention one thing, you'll remember it too! After all, you prayed for me all through that time. "Diverticulitis." Remember that? I praise God He brought me through that time, no surgery was required, and there was also nothing wrong with my heart (remember that extra little scare?), and I was better by Christmas. Mostly. :) Last fall was also when I started the IDEA class in FAA, and two weeks ago, after much work and struggle and life and family situations, I graduated! And the encouragement I received from you all was so great. Thanks for all your posts, your words of wisdom, your willingness to share your life with the world. And thanks for sharing your heart and your love for God. You're an awesome blessing!
So real, so genuine, so open and honest. I love your heart! You are such a blessing. Thanks for sharing with us the realities of your life. I, too, am one to get under the load of "I'm doing everything around here!" In my case, it's been the truth many times, but usually because I would swallow my words and hide my feelings, and my husband and son would think that, because of my silence, I was okay, and there was no problem. When I finally learned to speak up, they realized Mom is not SuperWoman, and they needed to help out more than they had been in the past. Things are better now, now that more open and honest communication is happening. Prayers and hugs and blessings to you and Kevin as you walk this journey. Love you both! Michelle
While I was watching, I sensed the Lord Jesus smiling. Awesome, Teri. Simply awesome. And I loved being able to see you! And the content was fantastic. Once again, sharing from your heart, which always blesses. Hope to see more of this! And please don't get a remote control. It's fine, just the way it is. Hugs!
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So glad you are getting to enjoy summer! We will be enjoying it somewhat, while we continue to homeschool (to make up for the weeks we missed along the way). Have fun!!
I love that verse in Psalms. One of my favorites. Good post, Teri. May we all put aside the striving for perfection that so easily detracts from the good we long to share. Amen, and amen. (And now, I must tell my "inner editor" to stop bugging me, because I'm NOT going to edit this comment! It's fine just the way it is... and I'm not looking back!) Clicking on "Post" now, NOT "Preview" LOL! :)
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You are welcome, Teri! And after reading the rest of the comments you've received, all I can say is, "Yep. Laser guided missiles..." :) (I also edited this comment... )
Teri.... I have two blogs: one has been dormant since September. Writer's block. Can't seem to get it going. And the other that's more active hasn't seen a post in... a month? "Special" - having a specific purpose. I did not know that was the meaning. Truly didn't know. Wow. I just recently discovered another facet of my "specific purpose" and I've been walking with the Lord for 42 years. I'm JUST NOW figuring out this facet. Jeepers... One morning in 2009, about 5 AM, I was up trying to get something finished, and my friend Rich popped up on Facebook (that's how we communicated since he was in Florida) and asked me what I was doing up so early. After about 5 minutes of me rattling about what I was trying to do, he said, "Sit on your hands for me, please." (Meaning, sit still, don't type, and just read what he typed.) So, I did. He proceeded to give me the best "big brother" talk I've received in a long time. He said, "sometimes the warriors have to move away from the front lines. They get tired. They need to rest, and rejuvenate, so they can get back 'into the game' stronger than ever. But they MUST rest, and they MUST move away from the front lines. If they don't, they can get injured. And the rest of us, though we might not be able to fight as hard as they can, we'll take care of the front lines, until they finish resting and come back... into the game." He said that in 2009. When I read your intro, I thought of his words immediately. So, you rested, and you enjoyed it. Good for you! So others were on the front lines, "fighting by writing" while you rested. That's okay too. Now you're back, and the battle is still going on, and the devil's trying to make you feel guilty for resting while others fought, using their "pens" which are "mightier than swords." Tell the devil you're not interested in his lies. Some people's blog posts are like arrows. Good words, and they hit the bulls-eye pretty often. Your blog posts are like laser guided missiles, that hit RIGHT ON TARGET, right at the heart of the matter. So keep shining your candle, that has a "special" (see definition) fragrance all its own, a wonderful aroma that God intended to be solely yours. And yeah, I rewrote this comment about a bazillion times. :) (The preview and edit buttons are my dearest friends)
Wow... I hadn't thought about the "i" emphasis in the gadgets, either. Good point! We are scaling back, too. It almost felt strange, buying so little for each of the boys. But it also felt good. My shopping took less than an hour for each boy, and I'm totally at peace with it all. Christmas is not about stuff. And I think this will be our best Christmas yet, because we are focusing more on each other. We always have focused on each other, but this year, it's MORE so. I think the knowledge that my mom is fading fast, is speaking to the boys in deep ways as well. They're beginning to realize that time is passing by quickly, and it needs to be spent with people, not things. Perhaps... God is preparing us for our eternal fellowship with one another, by turning all our hearts toward "presence" rather than "presents." Good post, Teri. Thank you for sharing your heart with us!
Yes, Teri... sleeping better, feeling better, eating better... all is good. Heart is better, too! That... was scary. So now that all is good, I can enjoy this season and then get back into my pursuit of free agency. I've been pretty quiet on that front for a while. Thanks for thinking of me, and asking about me. I appreciate you! May your days be merry and bright, and may sleep abide in your dwelling at night! (Had to change the song just a little, just for you!) :)
Mary was so young when Jesus was born, and there's no mention of any female there to help her. For all we know, Joseph delivered Jesus, and helped Mary through the entire process. Just thinking about that... wow. Maybe at some point it was a silent night, after Mary had given birth, and the shepherds had come and gone, and she and Jesus were both asleep! :) Have been there in terms of the puke and poop. Praying continued blessings on all of you, but especially little Nekoda. Our older son was in the hospital three times back to back from 10 months to just past 1 year. Scary it is, very scary indeed. And just plain no fun at all. So I pray blessings over you, too, that as Nekoda gets better and better, you will be able to have many "silent nights" in the weeks to come, and sleep in heavenly peace! :)
Hee hee... the fun side of "TEENagers" is when they are over 12 and they still want to sit in Mommy's lap! The not so fun side... when they won't get out of bed, after you've called them the fourth time... GRRR.... and one of the blessings we've enjoyed is having an "open house." I've inherited more "sons" than I can count! Like this past winter, when I had four sons instead of two, for a whole week, due to a snow storm! But I would rather have it that way. :)
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So beautifully written, and I think you've spoken the heart of every mom that has ever lived, including Mary in Bethlehem. Our younger son, who battles with autism, went to his first all-night youth event tonight at our church. His first night away from home without me or his dad. And leaving him there almost hurt as much as when we took our older son and moved him into his college dorm. The breaking away, to never return. At least, it will never be as it was. God said to us before he was born, "Two children," and he was our second. Very final. And yet... I love watching our two sons grow into men. I love this season in all our lives. It's exciting, and such as blessed adventure! Thanks for your wonderful heart and for allowing God to speak such truth through you.
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2010 on Let it Be at Stumbling Around in The Light
Good words. Powerful post. Thanks for reminding me once again that God has not forgotten us, He hears our every prayer, and He KNOWS the aching, the longings of our heart. We have lots of reasons, valid reasons, to become downcast. Life is hard. BUT... we have even MORE reasons to rejoice and be exceeding glad. And we just have to make that choice. I like the definition of "proclaim" -- supporting and stating what is true. That is cool! Thanks for being a powerful shining light of His Glory. You are a blessing! Have a wonderful celebration of thankfulness with your family!
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2010 on Yet I Will Rejoice at Stumbling Around in The Light
True, Teri. I know. It's hard to balance the daily "now" with the dreams of the future. It IS tension sometimes. David was anointed king while still tending sheep. Everything he did, while tending sheep, related to everything he did while ruling as king. Everything you're doing now relates to all that seed God is planting in you for your future. Soak yourself in every experience you're having now, let each one totally permeate you, and soak your dreams (bathe them) in prayer (and write them down!). And now I'm gonna go look in the mirror and repeat the same things to myself, LOL! :)
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Kevin, Once upon a time, there were two women: Gwen and Michelle. They both went to college. Gwen majored in history, and accounting, and some other things. She was in school quite a while, and thoroughly loved every minute of it. Michelle majored in music, and then changed her major to education - math and biology. Michelle dug into her courses with enthusiasm, just because she loves to learn. But there were a lot of things about college she didn't like. NOW... they are both 50 years old. The majority of their adult lives have been as teachers. Gwen teaches math. She wasn't educated to teach math, but she is teaching math. She is constantly trying to figure out new ways to help kids learn math. It consumes her. It is her passion. Michelle taught math for 30 years. She couldn't care less about math, about teaching kids math, about new ways to learn math. So she quit. Gwen majored in a whole host of things, but they weren't her passion. She found her passion (teaching math), and is consumed by her passion, and can do her passion through a regular paying job. She doesn't get paid well (private school, $18,000/yr.), but she has a mentally retarded daughter who has specific needs. So she stays where she's at for the security. But she IS... doing her passion, and is fulfilled in what she does. And the kids in her class are better persons just for having her as a teacher. Michelle majored in education (Master's degree), gave her full attention to what was required to be a good mathematician, made GREAT grades doing all that, but after 30 years finally realized... "this ain't it." So she's quit the JOB, and is seeking her true calling, and is working on her wall of perspective, and is trying to discover who she really is, so she can find her place in free agency. Should neither of them have done the college route? No, can't say that. What they both needed was a better understanding of WHO THEY WERE before they started, and not what someone else told them they should or could do. College isn't bad. But "cookie cutter education" is a disease that plagues every country in this world. Education built for the masses will inevitably miss a key ingredient: "Train up a child in the way HE should go..." The key is finding who you are, and living who you are, college or no college, JOB or not. Gifts and talents should not be squandered, or hidden, or covered up. They need to be discovered and used. And the amazing thing is, the people around you can tell if you're in your element, and doing your passion. They can tell when you're fully alive. (and yes, Kevin, the world is "better blessed" when each person is fully alive and in their moment.) During the last year that Gwen and I taught together, she made this comment to me: "You're just not a teacher, are you?" Selah.
THANK YOU... for speaking straight to my heart again! The devil pulls the "shadow of death" over my eyes, trying to convince me, "There's nothing in your life that's worth notice. You're not special, and your life is humdrum." He does it to all of us, doesn't he? But it's all a lie. Our lives truly are grand adventures, mounds of laundry included. (though I think the broken toilet scenario is straight from the pit of hell...) I remember the day I went through Josh's baby and toddler clothes, to divide between packing and giving them away, and realized that I would never have a baby of my own to hold again. I sat down in his bedroom floor and cried; my eyes are starting to get wet just thinking about it. There's something about that time in life, such a special time between Mom and little one, that can't be repeated at any other life stage. (Teenagers just don't giggle like toddlers do...) But as I read your post, one thought rose up in me: God is planting seed in you, that will stay under the surface of your heart's soil, until the right time for it to sprout. And that seed includes things that WILL be realized later on. So journal, my friend. Write down everything that crosses your heart, all your dreams of other lands, of orphanages, of books (there ARE books in you!), of travels, of people... everything. You need a dream journal (do you have one yet?) because these things are seed God is planting in you. Don't let that seed go, just because your grand adventure doesn't have room for it now. God plants WAY ahead of germination time. (and my rather goofy sense of humor wants to say something about how the best growing condition for seed is soil that is mixed with a lot of, um... poop... and relate that somehow to the whole diaper scene, but... anyway...) :) Awesome post! Blessings to you!
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Love this, Teri. Love it, love it, love it. All the visualizations... Could feel it as I read it, could see it, could hear it. And the way you described your kids' reactions... wow. My kids are the "thermometers" of my core's temperature! And isn't it so true that the mom's core is the core of the family! Sometimes I wish that were not so, but it is! Since that is true, my time with the Lord has become precious to me... I guard it well! And when Ted and I are at odds, then nothing is in balance. It takes confrontation and honesty to make things work -- things that Ted and I avoided for a long time, in an effort to not hurt each other's feelings, but in reality caused more hurt than could be imagined. Love your openness, realness, and honesty so much. Thank you for being you!
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I understand completely. Truly I do. Sometimes things around us just have too loud a voice, don't they? (and I said "things" not "people," LOL) Gonna send you a message via FAA. Blessings to you!
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Reading your words... it reminded me of the verse that says, "But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, that shines brighter and brighter until the full day." It just made me think of that, and of how our lives are moving closer and closer to that time when we will be with Him, and we'll be so close to Him that we will be engulfed in His glory and beauty and majesty. How awesome is that! May you feel the warmth of His embrace, as He wraps His arms around you today, and whispers in your ear, "stay right here with Me for just a few minutes... the world can wait..." Blessings to you, Teri! Love this post!
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"A Nonny Mouse" is my pen name. It comes from posting anonymously on someone's blog years ago. "Anonymous" became... "A Nonny Mouse." I shorten it to "A.N. Mouse" to sound more literary. You know, like C.S. Lewis... or J.R.R. Tolkien... :) I figure one of these days I'll wrap all of my poetry and songwriting and stories and novels into one group under the umbrella of "A Nonny Mouse Publications" or something like that. Maybe. We'll see.
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LOL, well, as for my unpublished blogging... you can take a look here: and there's a link on that blog to my other blog, which is also coming out of mothballs. I plan on adding a link to my blog on my Free Agent profile soon. Yet another way to step out of the shadows. Have a GREAT intensive this weekend. Sure wish I could join you, but will be praying for everyone there! ~Michelle
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Teri, Love your blog and love this post. Thank you for sharing your heart, and being so real. What you wrote really hit home with me. You said you wondered if you would have anything to say, or if you would come across as silly. I fight the same things, which is why my blogs have sat dormant for a while now. But also, like you, daily to-do lists get in the way as well. So I echo what others have said: post when you can, when you want to, when God pours it into your heart. What you say speaks volumes, and reaches many people. Thank you... for being YOU. YOU are a blessing!
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