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Anna Carlsson
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Once upon a time, I was a little girl, and played a game at a friend's house. Years later, every so often, I'd think about this one game -- I couldn't remember what it was called, but I remember it was interesting, memorable enough to impact my tiny mind, and very, very fun. A few weeks after one of these vague memories, I found a game called Ghost Master on sale on Steam. I paused. I clicked on screenshots. And I bought it without a second thought, laughing like a maniac. I played, preparing for the worst -- but it turned out, to my glee, that it wasn't just a key to a closed door in my childhood, it was a really, really good game. First of all -- I know that this has been said, plentifully and before, but thank you so much for Ghost Master. It may have a small play window, but it also seems to be so replayable...every so often I start trying to Triple Pumpkin every level, with a timer and everything, and I fail but get lost in just having fun. I opened up the Big Box O' Papers in my closet, where I keep old drawings, stories and doodles, and I found that I had, in school, drawn the ghosts interacting with other ghosts of their category. I bought the strategy guide on Amazon, and the soundtrack somewhere else. And now, you bring glee and anticipation by posting "sequel status is now from "impossible" to "unlikely"" comments in the comment field. Tempter. Basically, I have nothing important or interesting or well-written to convey in this space, so I'll simply thank you and congratulate you. Best wishes, Chris. Fingers crossed.
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Sep 3, 2011