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Anna Jones
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Hello and thank you from another natural duration ("extended") breastfeeding, co-sleeping, Montessorian. I will say that getting a king-size bed has made ALL the difference in everyone's nighttime comfort :) I have just recently set up 18 month old Amelia's floor bed in her room (the king-size mattress is on the floor in our room) and now, upon waking, she goes right into her own room to play. She usually brings her stuffed animals onto her mattress or reads books on it. It's kind of the reverse of what you see in movies, where the child wakes up in the crib begging for mom and dad, or wakes up in his own bed and immediately runs into the parents' room. Now she wakes up with us, already feeling secure, and ventures out to play on her own for a while while mom and dad wake up a bit more slowly :)
I love her work! Thanks for the giveaway! Anna
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Aug 9, 2012