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Anna Post
Etiquette author and expert and great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post
Interests: At the office, Anna is passionate about relating etiquette to every day life. She likes answering classic questions about weddings and business etiquette, but lives for questions about what happens when etiquette and technology meet, how etiquette can help bridge cultural differences, and how and when it's okay to break with tradition. Outside of work, Anna cooks up a storm in the kitchen, practices yoga when she remembers, travels to Paris whenever she can, and indulges in movies, art, and books.
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Mar 15, 2010
While trying to compose a blog, I clicked "save as draft" and when it refreshed the screen, my blog was in HTML type in a separate box on the side. I can't draft as I normally do, I can't compose a new post in anything except the code version, and I've lost the post I was working on. The page also seems to think it's uploading videos and picture at the bottom--the status bar indicates it is loading something, but I haven't asked it to and I can't make it stop--there is no cancel. I have logged out and have closed my browser, to no avail. I am rather annoyed, and even more annoyed that there is no easy way to get help with a problem like this.
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