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Anne Arnott
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Beautiful flowers , thank you so much. We should thank you for all your fabulous posts, not just about Norway but everywhere you go. Have a good week.
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Wow all photos are lovely but the one a few hours before midnight is amazing.
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I have seen ice fishing on tv but never by a blogger.. Looks so cold.
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Hope that you have a good break, something we have to do now and again. We all deserve one/. Look forward to new and wonderful things to come. ♥
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Hi Britt-Arnild..No way !!! Wow this calls for a huge celebration. And congratulations. At one point I know you had 3 or 4 blogs going ..and all whilst working and travelling to!! Well done. I have just reached 8 years.
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All sounds like fun , how lovely to be near the beach in the sun :-) Cannot wait to read more!!
Toggle Commented Jan 24, 2015 on Two weeks ago at Britt-Arnhild's House in the Woods
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They that about the English language "Its survival and now the language most spoken around the world" and yet a huge mish mash of words from lots of places. . I would love to learn Italian , a beautiful language and I also like French . I better add Spanish too.
Such a surprise even to me. What a difference to see this in a church in England .
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A perfect and happy ending, I suppose your mum never gave it a second thought , that you would want it. Luckily it was not far away.
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2014 on The Violin Player at French la Vie
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Oh I do feel for places that Starbucks invade ,, why do they have to do this. Just continue to support the individual coffee shops you have ,, they need all the support they can get now ,, I would if I lived there. I saw them in Paris , I never use them ,, why would I , when there are wonderful places to rest and have a drink. xo
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Jul 18, 2013
Hi Britt-Arnild , I am happy to read that you slowly changed your mind about the Sagrada Familia.. I think it is one of the worlds amazing works of Art ,, I remember the time I first saw it ,, I was totally lost and even more lost when we went inside and walked up the small steps high up ,, fabulous.
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2013 on Café con leche at Caffe Avec
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I have never lived anywhere longer than 8 years, being a Forces child and then a Forces wife , I have been in this current house ,, 7 and half years, so this might be longer ,, we shall see. I have moved so much , so not really anywhere to call home .. Loving your trip around Trondiem :-)
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2013 on Around town at Trondheim through all seasons
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Hi Richard , I was in Villefranche a few weeks ago, just for a few hours, isn't it beautiful♥
Toggle Commented Jun 10, 2013 on Villefranche at I Prefer Paris
Hi Richard, letter sent the other day .. there was a link on FB about a week ago. :-)
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Jan 30, 2011