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I'm a freelance writer with the most incredible teenaged daughter who has the hardest-trying rehabbed TB you've ever seen.
Interests: tennis, laughing, riding, reading, writing, walking, being with family, talking to god, eating with friends
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Mar 15, 2010
Great answers. I'm grateful for some of what seemed-at-the-time to be terrible events. Getting pushed out of the family business was very painful, but I ended up doing something that God created me to do. My life is on a completely different and much more fulfilling path. When my husband was laid off in August, 2001, that was the best thing that ever happened to us financially, but it sure didn't seem like it. He had job interviews scheduled for right after September 11, and couldn't fly to them because all flights were cancelled and then the job openings were put on hold in the wake of the terrorist attacks. When he couldn't find a job anywhere, he started his own business and has never been happier. God has plans for us that are much better than we could even have imagined on our own. Now, if I could only remember that...
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I was disappointed to be rejected by Text Link Ads because I use TypePad. Please make your technology compatible with theirs. Also, I would like to offer my commenters "commentluv." Is TypePad planning on developing this feature? Thank you.
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