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Thanks Megan to raise awareness on relocation package. This negotiation is crucial, yet some expats don't do their homework and follow blindly what their HR department or relocation companies tell them. Wherever you go, make sure you search facts and collect opinions from people living in your target neighborhoods. If you have children look for schools first then decide on housing. Location, housing and schools are tied to the the expatriation success as an unhappy family and frustrated trailing spouse is linked to higher % of expatriation failures.
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Great post and comments, I agree that a genuine "thank you" email or letter from the top management is extremely rewarding, especially when you work on this other side of the planet!It happened to me while working in Japan for a big European multinational company. I also think that it makes a big difference if managers know each employee personally and organize events with family members if appropriate. One must be cautious though with cultural differences as mentioned in some comments here. Learn how to give feed-back with cultural sensitivity.
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Jan 13, 2011