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Hi Kristine, ... #2 far and away... why at the bottom, but first why not the others.... #3 & 5 are too cluttered. the font on #5 &6 are ancien and if you were writing a medieval book perhaps. #1 - you'd never see that type of graphiti on a wall and it's every cliche in one layout (bike, fleurs, again type as graphiti vs. a title) #4 layout is nice, but it feels like Peter Mayle not your voice. #2 works best, it's not a cliche . it's balanced, it's interesting ... it makes me want to pick it up and read it.... the others feel like you're taking me on a tour (travel related) not life related. My 2 cents... congratulations
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Timji, While I'm still trying to figure out exactly what Krttika (the cutter), is going to help me dislodge (i have a pretty good idea "toxic siblings"), I'm most delighted and in love with Leela's revelation that she's met some cool people and traveled to some great places AND that she's going to teach yoga. Give her a big hug from me and tell her I'm ready for visitors in Paris any time she's game. Anne Maire
Papa Tim, you're a great story teller but now we have to wait an entire week? I have difficulty waiting for the next Downton Abbey! Can't wait. Thx as always for making my Tuesday (wed. this week) more interesting. xo AM
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Non, Paris doesn't really bode well for detoxing, however all the walking does make up for daily pain au chocolats, vin and really great food! I'm sending Carol the "must ( list tomorrow. Have a blast in my city.
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2012 on Tuesday, June 26th at Tuesdays with Timji
I do love the way Carol knows how to eat, drink and travel! I'm working on your restaurant reccos for Paris, shopping for Carol of course and if you need a date night, Layla, Nils & I can hang out together. Happy belated Anniversary!
Toggle Commented May 2, 2012 on Tuesday, May 1st at Tuesdays with Timji
Tim, A friend lent me A Walk Across the Sun on Saturday. I started it late Sunday night as a way to release the "technology" filled evening from my brain. It was after 3am when I had to force myself to put the book down. Monday and Tuesday night have been the same. With 1/4 to-go, I will start earlier. It's so well written, and I love the young, modern day embodiment of Haunman's victory over eveil. Part III begins tonight.
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2012 on Tuesday, January 17th at Tuesdays with Timji
On my way to teach a class in the red room of Casanuova this morning I stopped and thought about our final Friday practice here when I told you my mom wasn't going to make it from her fall... you gave me a good hug before our class -- it was a GREAT DAD HUG! Happy Father's day from one of the yogi's you've collected along the way.
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Jan 13, 2011
You're such a great story teller! Thanks for sharing and thanks to Yuka for posting it for me to discover (love our tiny yogi world)
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Jan 13, 2011