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Anne-Marie Kovacs
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I agree and disagree. When I first saw this commercial yesterday, I thought it was "refreshing" in a way. Definitely meant as a parody, these seniors are not confined to their usual expected behavior of sitting in the rocking chair, on the balcony, staring into nothingness. I don't think that this is any worse than the legendary "Where's the Beef" campaign or Betty White's "Off Their Rockers" show from which this campaign was undoubtedly inspired (see the other ad in the series:, I expect this one should have you even more outraged). I agree that our culture's ageism relegates anyone over 60 to the dustbin. I am angry at that. But I am also disturbed that 95% of all cleaning product ads feature housewives only. And I'm upset that 90% of men represented in ads or sitcoms appear to be bumbling incompetents. And I'm saddened that minorities are underrepresented in every media. But at least, these seniors were mobile. Or should I say, rockin'!
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Jan 31, 2013