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Oh, thank you!! These drive me nuts. Especially people who confuse "advice" and and "advise". I have a friend who's a high school English teacher who tried to tell me they were "interchangeable". Infuriating. I see "sight" and "site" mixed up all the time too. I guess spell-check has a lot to answer for. I was taught by my Latin professor father that e.g. stands for ex gregis. Literally "outside the crowd" or "standing out" But people may have different interpretations of that. Great post!
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2013 on Commonly Confused Words Part 3 at Writespiration
This is a fascinating concept. I wish this book had been around when I was younger. I have had so many lives--teacher, bookseller, actress, writer, and each time when I came to that point where I was offered the big step that would make me a full-fledged professional, I ran away. I said 'no' to full time teaching; managing my own store; joining a full-time acting company--and I even said it to a literary agent who might have got me a big book contract (and also wanted to control my writing.) Some of us just can't stand to be fenced in. I thought that was a bad thing. Now I can just call it having a Renaissance Soul!
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Jun 29, 2011