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Annie Britts
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That's amazing! A laptop for each person in the school? I never imagined that to happen, actually. I wish I could have been taught how to use a computer back then. That way, I could have been a computer expert by now. These days, I either rely on my techie brother, or I call the Markham computer service people for help with my computer problems. With a classroom setup like that, or any other basic network for that matter, I'd call for the company specializing in network support Toronto has. You've explained both pros and cons of a classroom being assisted by such technology as the Ether. I can understand both sides. The technology is indeed good, but yes, it could be a little distracting at times. Maybe these computer stuff are better at home, but you wouldn't want to put the great classroom applications to waste, right?
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2011 on What Gets Lost in the Ether at hipteacher
That's a handy link you've provided right there. I think I'll be downloading a lot from that site. Thanks for sharing it with us! The computer newbies are going to appreciate it. I just hope that I could understand them the first time I listen to them. I have a feeling that I will still have to seek help from our local tech support agents from the Markham computer service support team. Some of the networking stuff on the site under the communications category remind me of the time that I called for someone who can be my computer network support. Toronto had a lot of these e-mail support companies that handle IT related problems like the one I've experienced with my network. They come up with a solution quickly. I hope that the resources you've shared with us will be able to help newbies like me.
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Feb 14, 2011