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Ann Jones
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I have thought about this for a while, as I am sure we all have. I think if I were a baker, I would no longer make wedding cakes, but celebration cakes. I would bake and decorate an nice tiered cake in one of a few designs I had created in accordance with the customer's wishes. I would not deliver it. And I would give the customer a web site where they could order a topper for the cake. But only if you don't tell me about that cake's use. This way would not only save some money for the customers for several reasons, but would help me feel like I have served the public without bending my conscience. If I treated everyone this way, what would be the problem? I ran into someone that told me that since people used the public roads to get to my business, my business belongs to the government. All I can think of is that the public roads lead to your house, but you don't want the government there. Meanwhile, anyone want to go with me the Jewish deli and demand ham sandwiches?
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Nov 1, 2011