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This is my phone – crap & old! The screen is bad on it! I will be getting a new one soon, hopefully! I only ever needed my phone for calls and texts. Now I need to big time up-grade to a phone with a good camera, bluetooth, wi-fi, etc. – a smart phone with all the additional features that I may need and for the current course I'm studying. I don’t even have internet with my old phone and the screen isn’t even in colour! Oh yeah I use my phone all the time for the time, ha! – Instead of a watch. I use my Creative Zen for listening to music. Camera-wise, well for my first big trip travelling in 2003 to 2004, I used a film camera where I still had to go get a bunch of films developed. Then I had to lug them round with me in my backpack until I posted them home. For the second big trip in 2007, I had to get a digital camera and get in with the technology of up-loading my photos to ‘Facebook’ for fellow-travellers to peruse, as well as for friends and family. I would then get the photos put on to CD’s which I posted home. I am imminently getting a notebook (laptop) computer, which I can’t wait for, as it should hopefully make my life somewhat easier regards all the assignments I have to do for college. But I totally agree that Wi-Fi should be more widely available. I am enjoying doing this course and I’m hoping to learn all about the latest technology as well as updating myself on all the tech happenings in recent years. As I feel somewhat left behind with it all – it has gone zooming past me! It is all pretty amazing!
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The student protest today aims to protect education and the future of the country #studentmarch USI says thousands of students will be forced to drop-out if the registration fee rises again
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Nov 3, 2010