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After watching the one-millionth Harry Mitchell hit ad, it occurred to me that Harry Mitchell must believe he is running against David Schweikert for the office of . . . wait for this . . . Treasurer of Maricopa County. Rather than discussing the bank bailout, the stimulus package, Obamacare, or cap and trade, Mitchell’s campaign prefers to discuss old audit issues in the Maricopa County Treasurer’s Office. Because these audit issues are the bedrock of the Mitchell campaign, I decided to go directly to the source of Mitchell’s hysterics: the original audit reports on the Maricopa County web site. I read the reports, in their entirety. This is what I found: taken in context, these are typical audit reports. Here is what I did NOT find: Issues that reflect poorly on David Schweikert’s character or ability. Mitchell thinks that if you cannot run on your own record, you can run on an audit report. In order to do this, he has had to build a framework of lies, distortions, misrepresentations, and misleading half-truths around the actual audit issues. Mitchell is not a person I want to represent me in the United States Congress.
Alex: According to Mitchell’s campaign web site, the NEA is rankled (angered) by school improvement policies “such as teacher performance pay and staff shakeups at low-performing schools.” Well. Res ipsa loquitur. See
Another way to look at Mitchell’s record is as follows: The American Conservative Union rates his career voting record as 27% (rounded) on a scale of 0 (very liberal) to 100 (very conservative). Compared to Franks’ 99%, Shadegg’s 98%, and Flake’s 96% conservative voting records, it is hard to view Mitchell as a moderate. Moreover, I, for one, am not going to forget that he voted for ObamaCare and its $500 billion cut to Medicare after stating he would not vote for any bill that cut Medicare. He is there when the Liberals need him, and that’s what matters.
Alex - Please explain why it is disgusting to buy foreclosures.
With regard to the Over 60 Coalition's anti-Mitchell ad, the following are quotes from an article written by Peter Ferrara and Larry Hunter, “How ObamaCare Guts Medicare,” that ran in yesterday’s (September 10, 2010) Wall Street Journal. I feel I need not add anything to the authors’ observations, for as the lawyers say, res ipsa loquitur, the thing speaks for itself. Oh, wait, I do need to add one thing: Harry Mitchell voted for this. . . . . Medicare payment rates for doctors and hospitals serving seniors will be cut by 30% over the next three years . . . . The drastic reductions in Medicare reimbursements under ObamaCare will create havoc and chaos in health care for seniors. Many doctors, surgeons and specialists providing critical care to the elderly—such as surgery for hip and knee replacements, sophisticated diagnostics through MRIs and CT scans, and even treatment for cancer and heart disease—will cease serving Medicare patients. If the government is not going to pay, then seniors are not going to get the health services, treatment and care they expect . . . . [T]wo-thirds of hospitals already lose money on Medicare patients. Under ObamaCare it will get much worse. Hospitals . . . will shut down or stop serving Medicare patients . . . . The president's concept of spreading the wealth includes sacking the Medicare system, on which America's seniors have come to rely for medical care, in favor of others the president's progressive vision deems more worthy.
Jim Ward has had a problem with facts for some time. On his web page under immigration issues, he states: "In addition, immigration will be an important economic driver to us in the future. We will face a labor shortage in this country. Our current birthrate of 1.6 children per family is far below the sustainability rate of 2.1, a rate that will leave us with a deficit of workers." As I told him in an email I sent in May (in which I provided references to back up my assertion), the U.S. "birthrate," has never been as low as 1.6. Current government estimates put the statistic he is trying to quote as approximately 2.05 children per family. Moreover, "birthrate" is a misnomer. The statistic to which he is referring is "fertility rate." This country is growing by leaps and bounds due to both births and immigration. Its population was below 300 million as recently as the second quarter of 2006. Today, July 23, 2010, the U.S. census bureau estimates the U.S. population to be almost 309 million. Notice to Jim: We don't need workers, we need JOBS!
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Jul 23, 2010