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Another Todd
Waldorf, MD
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J9 I am here.. I poke my head in every now and again or do one of the workouts when I can. I have not forgotten the FRAT..the ones who put me on the Paleo lifestyle.
Hey all just stopping in to say hello. I keep reading but have a hard time finding the time to post. I am up to 5 people at work "helping" them with workout and what I eat (Thanks to the Paleo Challenge) it has been fun but time consuming. I am enjoying it and so are they. I will be back more often. All of you rock for being so involved with the games and tryout coming up. I would love to meet up with every one in CA.
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2010 on January 6th, 2010 at The FRAT Paleo Challenge
Oh I forgot speaking of Paleo Amy found a nice little article in our paper..
It looks like a few of us have taking on the Crossfit philosophy of spreading the word. I too have started my own blog and have been keeping busy with that. With the new people at work eager to train I wanted to give them a place to come and share how they are doing. I have leaned towards the Crossfit training but am welcoming all types of training at the blog. We believe our way is right of course but need to encourage anyone and everyone just to get out there and train. Then maybe we can sway them into our way of thinking. Cynthia outstanding by the way. Way to stay busy and do the things that you love. It is awesome. Strong Lil Pony you too , great post the other day, it shows that you really care not only about yourself but those around you. That is great and heart warming. I will try to make it back here as much as I can, this is where I learned Paleo after all.
Thanks Paul. I forgot to post my time for it. It took me 23:14 to get through it all. The Mrs could not finish and did the 20-10-01-01 in 19:02 it wrecked her. She had nothing left in the tank.
well I made up my own for the new year. 20-10-01-01-20-10 Burpee/box jump kettle bell swing 55#/25# thrusters 95#/65# let me tell you it hurt in the end. I got kind of loose with the swings at the end and felt my core loosing up. Not to bad.. good workout.
phewwww It was cold. Not as cold as Pokey's run but wow. 26:06 and a frozen nose. Amy is not about to run in the cold so she will be doing a Cindy.
Good afternoon folks. Its good to be back. The Mrs and I have been doing the RedShed WODs for a bit mixed in with Herm's and main site. A pretty good mix I must say, trying to keep it all balanced. Tonight we run a 5K. I will check back in with times later.
Maybe not.. it is already sold out.
Pokey I am a big fan of that book (I already own it) too. I am trying to go to this It is in Strong Lil Pony's/Goats neck of the woods in April. Same place I got my Lev I cert Montclair
Oh my..doing "Karen" yesterday of course today is chocked full of squat movements on all sites. I will design my own day I guess because my legs just arent going to make it doing squats. The Mrs. will be doing the RedShed WOD today. You all have a great day if I dont make it back here.
To take Christmas off the Mrs and I decided to workout through the rest days. Today we did "Karen" I have not done that in a long time 7:10 and I have no legs left. It is amazing how heavy 20# feels after just 50 throws. The Mrs starts at 7PM. Continue reading
Posted Dec 22, 2009 at Another Todd's Other Life
Welcome back Herm. Feels like home again already.
4 snow removal WODs laterfollowed by scaled main site WODs and I am pretty tired. I might work out thenext 4 days thoughto have Christmas day off. Continue reading
Posted Dec 21, 2009 at Another Todd's Other Life
Today I think the WOD will be the many times I have shoveled already and need to do again. I need to work on form I am using to much lower back and rushing the movement to fast. I think I am losing it on the second lift ha-ha. Continue reading
Posted Dec 19, 2009 at Another Todd's Other Life
Pokey Sorry I was trying to be funny. I have had loss in this past year of my dad so a little levity is needed now and again.
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2009 on Alone at Another Todd's Other Life
Squat cleans Freezing in the ole garage but warmed up pretty quick. Cfwu x2 worked on kilpping pullups. 65-95-115-135-155-165-155x3 135 cleans x 8 Continue reading
Posted Dec 17, 2009 at Another Todd's Other Life
Alone. I sit alone. I sit alone in the corner, cold, dark, alone in this corner. What did I do to deserve this? We were close, you used to hold me, swing me in your arms, then you would set me down only to pick me back up and do it again. I knew we would be together soon again, we never went a week without our time. But now I sit alone. I sit alone in the corner, cold, dark, alone in this corner. I am your curlbar and I am alone. Continue reading
Posted Dec 16, 2009 at Another Todd's Other Life
It is ALL becoming about business now. If we do not pay to use the name then we cannot use the name regardless of how much it is helping out Crossfit the company and the community. It is a shame.
Xtina mine was pretty easy I saw Todd Widman on the Boz and Todd experience and a few other Todds on the main site so Another Todd was born. So them taking Herm off the main site is yet another, WTF, moment in Crossfit. Now couple that with the fact that they are now selling or advertising their merchandise on the main page and WOW. What is going on here? I am kind of at a loss... I have never attempted a TGU at all so I dont believe I will try for time today..
So what is happening to Crossfit? When I first started back in July everyone got along, everyone wanted to help one another progress and become better than they were. All of this happened on the main site. I was so motivated I just knew I was going to get certified (which I did) and eventually open up my own box. Then all of the sudden things start to get crazy. The mail site has people talking down on one another, there is a ton of in fighting people getting let go that, I thought, were an integral part of crossfit. Now they have a sponsor that goes against what they have preached for so long. Now to me protein powder is fine, I use it. It is the principle behind taking on a sponsor for something that they taught for so long. This goes hand in hand with the Pro Zone attitude of late even though it goes against what they have all of the Foundation papers and early writings of Crossfit. So this leaves me a bit lost. I still love the Crossfit way of life and now that I found you all I still have the genuine people who want to help others succeed but it leave my future box or what I want out of Crossfit any more. I do know I do not want to pay for affiliation when everything is changing. How long will the Crossfit name be good? I know there are still a lot of great things about Crossfit and they far out way the bad it is just to bad that everything bad is coming to the surface so quick as of late.
J9 the Mrs and I will be doing that workout you posted. I have rings but not the confidence I need to hang upside down in my garage.
I sit here deaf in one ear, not forever I hope, but because I am hard headed and did not go to the Drs in time. I have an ear infection and have fluid behind my middle ear. So for now I sit here with one ear totally void of hearing. The irony of it all is I refused to go the Drs. To manly? To hard headed? To set in my ways? Sure all 3 of those. I sit and think of it: I push myself to the limits of physical exhaustion, I stay stupid strict to a diet,... Continue reading
Posted Dec 10, 2009 at Another Todd's Other Life
SLP I am 39 and Amy (The Mrs is 38)
Pokey does 39 count as old?