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Joey - Chartreuse is a great color in Colorado. It works great from late winter into Spring. As Kirk mentioned, blue is a great winter color. I also find myself using a lot of purple as well and tend to lean towards purple more in late spring and summer months. As summer gets older I tend to find the standard fly colors work well (green, yellow, red, black, orange), and then as fall presents itself I start using a variety of muted deeper red, orange, brown, and black colors. One thing that I have noticed over the years is: Fall - Orange egg patterns Winter - Blue egg patterns Spring - Chartreuse egg patterns My only conclusion is that the eggs are fresh in the fall and have an orangish hue. If the eggs are free in the winter and become frozen they must take on the hue of ice (blue). Then finally in the spring as the water warms do the eggs take on a greenish color as they have been sitting with the color fading from when they were laid.
Toggle Commented Nov 26, 2007 on Color Me Stupid at FlyTalk
You are right. The pressure of the public hot spots has made fishing very difficult and you have to be creative in detecting strikes. It is just not Cheesman in Colorado. It is almost every major spot along the front range. Time to hike them away from the parking lots for freedom. When you squint to see the fly selection in your box you know the river has been pounded. If you did not know what to use there were some always true and tested patterns to get a fish to visit your offering. My pack is heavy enough with fly boxes, it would be nice to grab just one box and know that was going to be it for the day. There is a challenge. It is no longer look at the hatch charts to figure out box #1, #2, or #3. It is now colors. Will red, black, blue, green, brown, orange, and etc. be the choice of the day? Hell even on top of that, there are all of the various different shades and special names of those colors that you need to bring your wife along to help determine what these special colors are.
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2007 on Have We Pounded Trout into Submission? at FlyTalk
Boys I can sense KD coming back with something about fly usage and what is the more pure way of fly fishing. I prefer cold water species. As far as flies go, get together with some of your buddies for a Monthly dry fly competition. See who can catch a fish on a dry year round? Make a wager for steaks and beers.
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2007 on Take A Deep Breath... at FlyTalk
Can you say Guide Movie Night... Watch the movie, hit the bars, and fish the next day until exhaustion. This will bring a new definition to Dinner and Movie night.
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2007 on Take A Deep Breath... at FlyTalk
Hazel summed it up correctly. I would take it one step further to include all fish taken on a fly!!! As long as you are waving that graphite lighting stick - does it even matter what is on the end of the line?
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2007 on Take A Deep Breath... at FlyTalk
So much for the Ducks claiming a piece of the BCS Crystal Prize this year. The Big 10 schools appreciate this late-season lost in providing more opportunity. Is there a new meaning to the term "wounded duck".
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2007 on Great Lakers Not Steelhead? at FlyTalk
Steve thanks for bringing it home. On the other post that displays a Western piece of chrome, I was able to stay up late last night to use set criteria in determining what is needed to settle this argument once and for all. I am still trying to figure out the final equation as the beer got the better of me. So for those of you in the west we will no longer BOW DOWN TO WASHINGTON. The tide is in for the east as our College teams are listening to our bands play the victory songs of great MID-WEST schools.
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2007 on Great Lakers Not Steelhead? at FlyTalk
KD - we may have to settle this through a comprehensive scientific algorithm using set criteria. Much like the Quarterback Passer Efficiency equation. 1. State populations 2. River Mileage per state 3. Shoreline mileage 4. Fishable Days 5. All-time College Football Victories. All-time College Football Victories 1. Michigan 860 2. Notre Dame 821 3. Nebraska 803 4. Texas 810 5. Ohio St. 786 6. Penn St. 781 7. Alabama 780 8. Oklahoma 768 9. Tennessee 761 10. Southern California 743 (Prior to start of 2007 season) Where are the Oregon Ducks??? Time to fire up the marching bands and start singing Hail To The Victors as we parade to the Steelhead waters of the inland sea states.
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2007 on A Real Steelie at FlyTalk
Lake Erie and all of its ports are there because of the great STEEL industry – Probably hence the name Steelhead. Once the great large vessels were going up and down the waterway in delivering steel to the mid west and even further to the WEST they saw the chrome monsters along the way and derived the name that we so debate heatedly here. I just love being able to reflect upon the 1980s when I was often looked at like an outsider waving a long fiberglass rod. I busted my knuckles on more than one occasion palming my reel as line was flying out faster than I could haul it in. The reason was that I was swinging flies – and it was more than what PURIST thinks we like to toss. Sure eggs and streamers are successful, but at the same instance we were also using other more traditional flies for a fight of a lifetime. You may be using the two-handed fancy spey rods, but back in the day we did not need fancy rods, reels, and sophisticated names for what we developed in the Mid West. We just liked to call it like we see it – FLY FISHING FOR STEELHEAD. Here we have a narrow waterway and the banks are lined with trees and shrubs not allowing a full cast, so we would spey cast with whatever floating line or intermediate sinking line we had on the reel at the time. We also did not need 2 hands to cast. It was the power of one hand. As I like to say and I am sure my other comrades will soon enjoy is “Two hands are for rookies.” Today it is great having the graphite technology and the two-hand spey to help in being able to present a nice long cast. Give me an indicator… Give me a streamer… Give me spey flies… Give me nymphs… I don’t care because there is nothing prettier than latching into ONE LARGE ASS TROUT. Salt or a mixture of salt, it really does not matter. The St. Lawrence River, which is affected by TIDES, provides ample access and the necessary three years for a Steelie to make it back into the Great Lake Tribs for our fall, winter, and spring time fun. Since our Western friends of the fly fishing world are finally coming too, chew on this one guys… What happens when the San Andreas Fault Line shifts again and the West coast falls off into the Pacific Ocean? What happens to the Steelhead then? The East coast is more protected and aged perfectly from the Glaciers and is sustaining a great habitat for our passion. Safety for G.L. and the ensuing kick is returned for a touchdown. 12-pt swing for the GREAT LAKES!!! Go Wolverines.
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2007 on Great Lakers Not Steelhead? at FlyTalk
For you geographically challenged Western States snobs - Technically the great lakes all flow into the large Atlantic Ocean (that is the ocean on the right side of the United States). For the steelies to migrate it is a long path. Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario into the St. Lawrence River between New York and Canada and then into the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The challenges that exist in all of the abundant tributaries of these boundary waters. My only reference to the Muddler was to keep it on the same field as our West Coast offensive. We can go old school or new school streamers and if I had my choice I would stick with streamer designers of the GREAT LAKES. Mr. Deeter, I want to thank you for giving me the itch. It is time to saddle up and venture to the EAST for a run with the Chrome. No one can say it any better than mid-westerners Jake and Ellwood Blues, "We're on a mission from God!"
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2007 on Great Lakers Not Steelhead? at FlyTalk
Pennsylvania Chrome - Outstanding. I went to Edinboro University in northwest PA and had a hard time convincing the profs that I had more important things to do. Nothing like taking a trip out to Presque Isle and throwing a line in the bay. Great stuff Kevin!!!
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2007 on Great Lakers Not Steelhead? at FlyTalk
The bobber comment is so far out that it might come back and smack you down on the west coast. The Cattaraugus will test your ability that a college course is needed to just navigate a good day on this 34-mile jaunt from Lake Erie up to the Springville, NY Dam. My box was filled with a variety of egg patterns, but more importantly it was doubled in size with streamers. The Muddler was just one of great ability but leech patterns and Wolly Buggers are another nice addition. The West stole the Muddler from the East.
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2007 on Great Lakers Not Steelhead? at FlyTalk
I am ready to roll the sleeves up and stand toe-to-toe in this debate. The large Steelies of Lake Erie possess a great ability to test your ability to not only hook them but put the chrome slab in your net. Great lake Steel Chasers get an "A for effort" as we are challenged in bringing it home. Shale bottoms, dirty water, sharp edges, narrow streams, fallen trees, overcast, snow, sleet, hail, rain, and any other possible toughening conditions. The soft boys in the west don't have to compete with this as they can stand in the sun and not have to battle mother nature's wicked sense of humor. Lake Erie Steelhead Alley is known to make boys into men. If you can't power through a day of sideways snow and cold hands, stay home by the fire holding your cup of tea.
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2007 on Great Lakers Not Steelhead? at FlyTalk
The Poor Man's Bonefish... Nothing like having a Carp on a fly rod. Hold on and make sure your fly line knot to the backing is solid.
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2007 on For the Love of Carp at FlyTalk
Deeter has brought up Boy George and Tumble 4 Ya... That sums up a fight by Large Mouth perfectly... I like to compare a Steelhead Fight to Iron Butterfly's In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2007 on Bass Have Glass Jaws at FlyTalk
Timmy, As soon as I catch you on the river with this, I will soon be giving you a new name. You will become David Hasselhoff and Knight Rider will be your rod.
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2007 on Fishpen at FlyTalk
I have had the best of all worlds. Grew up and learned how to fly fish in the bass pond behind the house, hiked 30 minutes to chase after Steelies on the Cattaragus Creek and moved to Colorado in 1993 to chase after the perfect trout. Largemouth will turn soft on you after the first 15 seconds. Because it is just pissed as it was fooled again by some silly looking pattern. All they care about are full stomachs and will be voracious in the take. I have even thrown a rubber worm on a fly rod after largies for a take. Large Mouth Bass are much like the Young Bull standing on top of the hill looking down at the cows and chasing after just one because the young bull is spent. For solid, hard, impressive fresh water fights - grab your seven weight and fish the tributaries of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario for the rush of your life. STEELHEAD!!! This is where the Old Bull will be as he comes down the hill to get all the cows for the time of his life and have to work at it too. Deeter's next major cover story for F&S will be Walk on Water and when you open the cover of the mag, the sound chip will be blaring Eddie Money's song as Deeter dances a jig as Large Mouth Bass attack his toes all captured in a photo expose. Or do we call your next feature - RIVERDANCE!!!
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2007 on Bass Have Glass Jaws at FlyTalk
Taking the plunge - this was no nestle tea plunge of yesteryear. This summer I have a good ole chap from England. He latches into a nice 5-pounder. We are on the bank and he is just fighting it hard. Every now and then it would come closer and then run like hect. Finally the Brit pulls it in and I get it netted. I told him to stay put as we were on shifting rocks. Before I could stand up straight, I was bumped hard enough as the cheery chap wanted to look at the largest trout of his life. Little did he know, I was now off balance at 8:30 a.m. and going for a swim head first in full gear. Once getting my footing on the bottom and pulling myself to the bank with a netted fish, full waders, and waist pack, we snap a quick picture. I toss the guy from across the pond back to the bank to drain everything and re-dress as he latches into another. Cheers he says. Here is to your cheers you dry ... Fill in the blank.
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2007 on Kill Me Slowly: I'm a Guide at FlyTalk
The Ffloggies - make it exist as a tab for everyone to enjoy a good belly laugh. Great thread the eye story.
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2007 on Kill Me Slowly: I'm a Guide at FlyTalk
Now for the most famous move of all... Similar to your No. 4. You walk into a nice deep run and tell them to stand right here on the bank. They look at you like you have two heads and ask, "I don't have to stand in the water." I have always wanted to say, "Sure buddy, take a step in and I will drive down stream to pick you up if you can float that long."
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2007 on Kill Me Slowly: I'm a Guide at FlyTalk
To complete the 14-step program... 11. Swing Presentation 12. Finishing the swing to the flip 13. Hook Set 14. Cold adult beverages at the end of the day reliving the catch with the fellas!!! My top 3 items to be effective on your first day in the river are: 1. Drift/Presentation 3. Match the Hatch 8. Sight Fishing - finding the fish There are a lot of different ways to get your line to where the fish are, but if you don't have the right presentation and bugs you might as well have stayed on the porch. Lastly, don't waste your time if you can't see a fish.
If you are in a boat - you better bring your A-Game to the river to have a great day. If it is a wading trip - the 30-foot cast is not necessarily required. Think about it. Where are most of your fish caught on wade trips - probably close to 90% are within 20 feet. If you are outside of this you better put your running shoes on as you will be chasing after the catch.
To be a good guide, you must be able to analyze the client's skill set quickly with idle chat and tossing them into a hole for the final review of how the day will be. You have to be able to adjust and work with the individual so they are able to get into the fish with the skills that have been brought to you. We would all like to have an expert who wants to learn more of the intricacies of the sport, but more times than not we are spending the day honing the basics. I will work with all casting abilities, but if I had my choice give me someone who does not know the difference between the tip and the butt of a fly rod.
Wicking challenge - visit the great cold city of Buffalo, NY and have the Polar Bear Club jump in Lake Erie with various layering materials to see the wicking ability.
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2007 on The Next Extreme Gear Test at FlyTalk
I do like the saddle-bronc wader test. This would only tell you how durable the interior part of the waders are. How about putting the waders on for true field testing with the U.S. Army. Let them take the waders through the obstacle course like you saw in Stripes. "Does this mean we are finished today Sgt. Hulka?"
Toggle Commented Oct 17, 2007 on The Next Extreme Gear Test at FlyTalk