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Anthony Hayes
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This totally seems like an April Fool's but it's September. So confused.
Breaking Bad is up. Nice. That's my idea of must-see TV.
@ NetflixNation -
Apropos of nothing, here is a picture of a puppy. Aww!
D-Day! I'm freaking out! I had Crispix instead of Cracklin' Oat Bran for breakfast and I wore a tan shirt instead of a brown one today! Somebody slap me.
I feel like that's what I'm going to do too, Galagatron. I might give it a shot though. Since they are so popular I feel like I am missing out. I'll probably regret this in the morning, but it won't be the first time! :)
I've never watched a Tyler Perry movie.
It's rainin' sideways!!!
Remember radio? It's still there! :) Sirius also has good weather stations.
I kept the same plan. Last night I watched Demons and Ghost Dog on DVD, then Wire in the Blood and X-Men (animated) on streaming. Good stuff.
I reacted by shooting a man... just because he was snoring too loud. That's typical behavior from me though. Oh yeah. If only The Room was on IW. That would take the cake.
River's Edge just showed up on IW. Excellent.
That has happened to me in the past, but lately I have been getting very good speeds. I had a Wire In The Blood & MI5 marathon last night, and didn't hit one wrinkle... luckily. Hope everybody is getting better speeds today. If all the folks who are threatening to quit NFLX, actually do.... then maybe the pipe will clear out some for the the people who are left! :)
I love the way it ends. lol. So true.
This is about what is generally referred to as telenovelas. Telenovelas are to U.S. soap operas what Lucha Libre is to WWE.
Sí, Luis ... después me dejó en el altar, me enteré de su gemelo idéntico que usted pensó murió en un accidente de avión es, en realidad sigue vivo y llevar a mi bebé. Le afeitó el bigote! Espera un minuto, usted no es Luis! Usted es su hermano gemelo!
EVER? really?! Hmmm...
I'm willing to pay more, within reason. Netflix is worth it to me. I would rather pay it to Nflix than a cable company or satellite provider.
I can't stop watching X-Men on IW. Also, I think Supercroc vs. Dinogator would have been a better title b/c that thing is a SUPER CROCK. R.I.P. Kwai Chang
Well for me, an HD stream or download is the way to go. I'm over discs... but to each their own!
Perhaps NFLX has outgrown Los Gatos.
Ip Man is good... REALLY good. What's this "Blu-ray" people keep talking about? :)
Thanks for all of the great posts. :) We appreciate it. Crap that's a random list of new releases... lol.
actually you should have sold on February 10th. :)