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The statement "truth is always relative" contradicts itself, but eh. I don't get all the vexation. There are some people who want to put as little external stuff and manipulation into the grape-growing and vinifying process as possible. They take such an approach for a variety of reasons, use a variety of methods, and achieve a variety of results. Their production represents a small percentage of the Global Wine Ocean. Yet some people get really exercised about it. They start thrashing around in rhetoric, pointing fingers at definitions, sniffing out ironies, huffing and puffing about this and that, and it really gets to be tiresome. All because a few indie do-it-yourselfers are questioning the System. Why anyone would be anything but supportive of them is beyond me. Questions are good. Experimentation is good. Having competing alternatives is good. Hooray for the Beaujolistas, the Abe Schoeners, the Angiolino Maulers of the world! There's plenty of room for them in a just world. If you pooh-pooh them and their wine, you're a killjoy and a bore. And that's the truth.
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Apr 4, 2013